No Tricks, All Treats!

Published on Wednesday, 26th October 2016
Well, it's that time of year again, Qwerkiteers: the nights are drawing in, the leaves are dropping all over the place, and our excuse to pig out on all sorts of confectionary is nigh! That's right, it's nearly Halloween! Here are our top treats for this tricksy night!

Alcoholic Sweets

Definitely just for the grown-ups! These deliciously boozy sweets are just heaven if you like a sweet tipple. Each pastille contains half a shot, so eat responsibly! You can choose from vodka, whisky, or a mixed cocktail flavour. Cheers!



Gummy Bacon

Continuing with a gummy theme, check out this awesome Gummy Bacon! It’s great if you’re a fan of strawberry laces, but it’s bacon flavoured! Weird, but strangely wonderful, these bacon sweeties are suitable for vegetarians.





Spreadable Goodies


Coffee and/or Beer fiends, unite! Now you can spread your favourite flavours on to whatever takes your fancy (keep it clean, Qwerkiteers!). The Spreadable Coffee is made with high-quality Arabica beans, and smells amazing. You can add it to homemade cakes, spread it on toast or (my particular favourite) spread it on some breakfast pastries! The <>Spreadable Beer makes a great alternative to Marmite or chutney: try it with meats, hard cheeses or chestnuts.


Joe and Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn

What is a scary movie without popcorn? You need something to throw at the TV when you get scared; if you can bear to let any of these wacky flavours go!


Popping Candy

Treat or trick someone with these unexpected flavours! Choose from bacon, wasabi or beer.


Masquerading Chocolates

In the spirit of Halloween, these chocolates have come disguised as something else; cheese, fruit and vegetables! We think these are a sneaky way to claim you’ve had your five-a-day!





Bubble Licks

Not only are these bubbles super tasty, but you and your friends will have great fun running round the room trying to catch them! Sadly (ahem!), there’s no video evidence of us testing these in the office, but let’s just say gin was our favourite flavour! Hic!


Monty Bojangles Chocolate Treats

Words cannot express our love for Monty. We can tell you that there are no samples of these chocolates left in our office. Each new box was empty within five minutes. These choccies have our affirmative seal of approval!

We hope you have a spook-tastic Halloween, Qwerkiteers!  Tweet us some pictures of your Halloween costumes!


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