National Bike Week 2015

Published on Thursday, 11th June 2015
You don’t have to be a Tour De France champion to join in this National Bike Week. Taking place over the week of 13-21 June, National Bike Week is the annual promotion of choosing cycling over driving and promoting a healthier, fitter lifestyle. We’ve found the perfect collection of cycling accessories and gadgets to get any cycling fan started.

Bike Multi-Tool

The Bike Multi-Tool is an essential addition to any cyclist’s arsenal. This handy and practical gadget features an array of different sized Allen keys, a puncture repair kit, spanners, screwdrivers and a spoke adjuster, all neatly fitting into a Velcro-closing pack, designed to be worn on a belt or stored easily in a backpack.

Best 100 Mile Bike Routes

The Best 100 Mile Bike Routes is an ideal gift for all cyclists of any ability. Giving an in-depth look at some of the best cycling routes the UK has to offer, from the North of Scotland right down to the South Coast. This inspiring book also covers the geography, people, points of interest and special events specific to the routes, while providing clear mapping, directions and a few statistics.

Sealskinz® Cycle Gloves

Lightweight, waterproof and breathable, these Sealskinz® Cycle Gloves are designed to provide protection, comfort and dexterity while cycling. Pressure point padding on the palms and silicone fingertips serve for added grip and comfort during a ride. The gloves have a Grade 3 thermal rating, which means hands will stay warm in cold weather.

Signal Pod Bike Indicators

Any cyclist can tell you that sharing the road with motorists can sometimes be dangerous. Most biking accidents are caused due to motorists having poor visibility of a cyclist signalling. The Signal Pod Bike Indicators, when used in conjunction with hand signalling, will leave no doubt in any motorist’s mind as to a cyclist’s intention. They are easy to mount and display a clear LED signal on the back of your bike. They are controlled wirelessly by a battery-operated controller attached to the handlebar, allowing you to still keep control of your bike while signalling.

The Nutter Cycle Multi-Tool

Presented in a stylish leather pouch, The Nutter Cycle Multi-Tool is an ideal gift for any bike owner. A pocket-sized bike gadget that includes a tyre lever, spoke key, screwdrivers and more, it can be fastened to the crossbar or beneath the seat so it will always be close at hand in any cycling situation, even if just to open a bottle cap at a rest stop. 

Madeleine Floyd Cycling Mug

A perfect gift for any cycling fan having a break between training sessions or events, this fine bone china Cycling Mug is decorated with the works of one of Britain’s most loved artist, Madeleine Floyd. Made in the UK and printed with motivating biking terms inside the mug.

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