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Magnifying Make-up Glasses

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    Magnifying Make-up Glasses
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    • The easy way to put on make-up
    • Helpful for long-sighted people
    • 3 x magnification
    • Case included
    It can be really tricky trying to see to put on make-up if you wear glasses! These clever flip-over lenses solve the problem. You simply look through one lens to apply make up to the other eye.

    3 x magnification.

    The glasses come with a case.

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    Product Review
    hard to use
    This looked like such a fab idea but two problems one mine the other the product. for me i have a slight stigmatism so on that eye it doesn't work as i still cant see !!!! and although i thing they would be fine for eye shadow for mascara you cant get your hand in the right position with the arms of the glasses ...... i so wanted these to be fab ..but alas
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    Service Review
    i cannot fault qwerkity i happened across them and what a great find. i both quieried and returned and the service was so prompt and efficient in both cases. It is a pleasure to put my business with them and i would not hesitate to buy anything from them again
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