Love Your Pet Day

Published on Friday, 17th February 2017
This may be the best day ever! If not, then it comes a close second to Chocolate Cake Day. To celebrate Love Your Pet Day, we thought we'd share a little bit about our favourite floofy friends!

Katy & Dennis

8 years old

Lhasa Apso

Cheese (say the word and wherever he is in the house, he’ll appear!) oh, and long walks, as soon as you get his lead out he starts spinning frantically – he then gets so dizzy and can’t walk in a straight line!

Bath time and the West Highland Terrier that lives near us!

Funniest thing:
He taps you with his paw when he wants you to fuss him, when you stop he taps again and this can go on forevvver!


Jen & Inca


  My cat’s name is Inca and she is 3 years old…

She loves belly rubs and head-butts with her pet humans (us), she also enjoys chasing mice on sunny days. On rainy days she likes to gaze pensively out of the window, pondering on whether to risk going outside and chase mice (she might melt). She has the softest fur and my little brothers are convinced she’s related to a snow leopard!

Her favourite thing is tuna and her least favourite thing is the laser pen toy she got for Christmas; she can never catch that light and it’s very frustrating!


Mandy & Little One

  I don’t have a cat… but let me tell you about my cat.

Back in the summer, we spotted a skinny little cat drinking from our hedgehog water bowl in the garden. He seemed alert enough, so we just kept an eye on him. My husband and I referred to him as ‘the little one in the garden’.

After 6 months of persuasion, in the form of Felix and Dreamies. Little One (it became his ‘official' name) now resides in our garden in his own apartment - aka a borrowed cat box, stuffed with a fleecy blanket and heat reflecting mat. I now have a cat!


Amelia, Woody & Romeo


14 years old

He loves steak, sleeping, being towel dried from the rain… and men!

Funniest thing:
When he was a kitten he used to get really jealous of anyone cuddling; to the extent that when I was 8 years old and had fallen asleep on my mum he decided the best place for him to lay was on my face – apparently all you could see was his fur moving in and out of my mouth.



8 months

CUDDLES! Non-stop cuddles, always at every minute you are with her. She also licks a hell of a lot!

Funniest thing:
She absolutely loves grapes, so much so that we now have to hide them from her – but she is always on the hunt!


Laura-Anne, Pumpkin & the Tribbles


2 years old

Norwegian Forrest Cat (or Mongolian Mountain Cat, as Mandy calls him).

Favourite thing:
Dreamies! And super soft blankets, so he can make himself a nest.
Funniest thing:
He likes to poke me in my left eye when I’m sleeping. Never the right, only the left! I think he’s announcing his presence…

  The Tribbles: Oscar, Squidge & Houdini

They’re adopted, so I’m not really sure! They’re potentially 8 years old.

Favourite things:
Basil plants & peanuts. Plus, Squidge will do anything for a yoghurt drop!

Funniest thing:
They love having their noses kissed! In the morning they line up to have nose kisses before breakfast. They're referred to collectively as the Tribbles because they're small, fluffy and they eat *everything*. Also, I'm a nerd...


Em & Sims


We adopted him when he was 5 years old. He’s now 9 and a half.
Pet hate:
Being ignored

Sunshine, Pepperoni, David Attenborough’s Planet Earth & Cardboard Boxes.

Funniest thing:
He’s half Bengal so talks alllll the time. He can jump from first floor windows but because of this has very few teeth left and so dribbles constantly.


Chloe, Ezra & Remi

Ezra (AKA Big Fat Cat):

11 Months

Loves Crayfish! Loves to sleep anywhere, especially the airing cupboard.


Remi (AKA Little One):

7 Months

 Loves Cheeseballs! Loves to wake me up by falling asleep on my head at 6am every morning!




Cam, Bessie & Chester

  Meet Bessie and Chester, our beautiful (smelly and bitey) Basset Hound puppy and stunning Black Tipped White British Short Hair cat.

They are the best of friends (most of the time) unless Chester feels the urge to do a bit of Bassett Boxing…


Tracey & Biscuit



Age: 7

Food of any description, and answering the office doorbell!

Her nemesis, the hoover.

Funniest thing:
She hops when she wants food. It’s like she’s on springs!

Jane, Tikka & Teasle

  Teasle adores a cuddly toy lion which she has had since she was 8 weeks old and was at that stage the same size as she was. She jumps 4 feet in the air to get him!

Tikka’s favourite thing is sleeping in our airing cupboard or underneath our bedcover, completely hidden, and getting into cars!

So, there are our favourite furry fiends!  Celebrate Love Your Pet Day with us and tweet or Instagram us some pics of your fluffy loves!

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