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Lively Limericks

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    Lively Limericks
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    • Ribald rhymes and saucy verses
    • Illustrated throughout
    • Hysterical read, not for the easily offended!
    • Great gift idea
    • Hardback, 48 pages
    There once was a book full of limericks, that's guaranteed to have you in hysterics... just open the book, take a good look, ... and laugh at the amusing rythmics!

    For an entertaining and amusing read, Lively Limericks is the perfect gift for those with a wicked sense of humour! With over 50 risque limericks, ribald rhymes and saucy verses (many very cheeky) this is not for the easily offended!

    This fun book was compiled and written by Patrick Holden, and playfully illustrated in brilliant detail by cartoonists Oliver Preston and Bill Scott.

    Much loved limericks first appeared in England in the early part of the 18th century, full of witty humour and when read are completely adored.

    Remember the old lady from Ealing...?

    Hardback, 48 pages.

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    Product Review
    Lewd but lovely
    Should we allow this filth into our homes? Far be it from me to risk offending the little nieces for whom I originally bought it, I shall keep it for myself (which was probably my intention all along!) May let the nieces borrow it if they ask nicely
    Reviewed by:
    Anthony Lyman-Dixon
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