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Listening to the Animals: Becoming The Supervet

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Listening to the Animals: Becoming The Supervet
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  • Read about the man behind the name
  • A must-read for fans of Noel Fitzpatrick and the hit Channel 4 show
  • A heart-warming, moving autobiography
Professor Noel Fitzpatrick - also known as The Supervet - tells his life story in this emotional and heart-warming memoir.

He recalls a childhood spent growing up on a family farm in Ballyfin, Ireland and how his bond with Pirate the sheepdog provided solace from the bullying he suffered at school. He also reveals how a fateful night spent trying to save a new-born lamb set him on a path into veterinary science - and ultimately becoming The Supervet at Fitzpatrick's Referrals in Surrey.

From calving cows and corralling bullocks to talkative parrots and bionic cats and dogs, Neil talks about the animals that paved the way for his success and also recounts the incredible highs and tear-jerking lows that come in his field of work.

Hardback. 304 pages.

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Noel Fitzpatrick (Supervet) book
Bought as a present, well received.
Reviewed by:
Valerie Benest
Product Review
Noel Fitzspatrick
For Christmas.
Reviewed by:
pauline tyrer
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