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Jam And Jelly Straining Kit

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    • Removing pips and pulps doesn't need to be a strain
    • Make beautifully smooth fruit jellies and preserves
    • Easy to put together and dismantle for storage
    This tripod-style jam strainer is perfect for removing seeds, pips and pulp from fruit to make delicious jellies and preserves.

    The chromed tripod is quick and easy to put together and can be dismantled just as simply for storage when not in use.

    To get started, place your assembled strainer over a small bowl and use elasticated rim or the fine-meshed jelly bag to fasten it in place over the hoop of the stand.

    Add your mixture for the jelly into the bag with a ladle or jug - jellies are such a versatile spread you can make them using lots of interesting and exciting ingredients from fruit to flowers, wine or tea and herbs and vegetables so get creative!

    Leave the strainer to work its magic for at least an hour to produce gorgeous, smooth jellies with beautiful clarity.

    Instructions included. 1.5 x 16.5 x 31cm.
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