It's Too Darn Hot!

Published on Tuesday, 19th July 2016
Well, here in the Qwerkity office we’re making like the Wicked Witch of the West: we’re meeeeellltttiing. What a world, hey? So, to help out our fellow Qwerkiteers, we’ve thrown together a quick heatwave survival guide. Stay frosty, people!

Cooling Scarves

These are a God send! Made from super-fine cotton, these Cooling Scarves contain special crystals which, when soaked in water, expand and feel cold even on the hottest day. You can wear the scarves loosely around your neck, or even jazz up your outfit by wearing one on your wrist. The scarves come in a set of three, each in a pretty pastel design.

BPA-free Reusable Bottle

The key to surviving the hot weather is to stay hydrated. The BPA-free Reusable Bottle comes in two sizes (small or large), is dishwasher safe and perfectly portable. It’s ideal for a scorching hot day. Bottoms up!

Portable Rechargeable Fan

Does your office air conditioning leave a little to be desired? Keep yourself cool with the Portable Rechargeable Fan. It’s small and compact so it will fit nicely on your desk, and it will run for up to eight hours on a single charge. It’s not quite the same as being fanned with palm fronds, but it’ll do in a pinch!

UV Protection Umbrella

Stylish in stripes, this ultra-lightweight umbrella (beautifully modelled by Emma) has a silver-coated lining which blocks out 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays. Wonderfully compact, this brolly will fit easily in to your bag. For an umbrella that you can clip to a table or stand in the sand or grass, have a look at our Tri-brella.

Ice Stick

Cool your drink without diluting it with ice cubes. We love a good, chilled glass of white wine (or fruit juice!) and the Ice Stick works perfectly. Keep it in the freezer and then pop it in your glass whenever you want a refreshingly cool drink. Cheers!

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