It's Puppy Day!

Published on Thursday, 23rd March 2017
We know we have a lot of “best day ever” moments, but this one is right up there: it’s PUPPY DAY!

They’re fluffy and cuddly and just downright adorable, plus they’re generally guaranteed to make a bad day better. Let’s face it; with a puppy, you’re bound to have a barking good time!

Jack Russell Salt & Pepper Set

Just imagine these little guys on your dresser shelf! With their waggy dog tails and quizzical expressions, they make charming tableware for any dog lover.

Unlikely Friendships – Dogs


If you'd always thought that a dog is man's best friend, this book will just make you even more certain! An absolute joy to read, Unlikely Friendships Dogs features true stories of canine companionship and courage, from the mastiff who rescued 17 horses to the pit bull who likes playing with a tortoise.

'Home Is Where the Dog Is' Doormat


Truer words were never said, and now you can keep muddy paws whether canine, feline or human off your floor with this hard wearing, super-absorbent mat.


360 Light-Up Necklace


Does your dog disappear in your garden at night? Now you’ll be able to see him easily even if he is at the bottom of your garden. He will also be more visible if you are walking him on a pavement in the dark.

The Dog Rules Tea Towel


If your dog has slowly encroached into every aspect of your life just by showing those big puppy dog eyes, then you need this tea towel in your life! Featuring Tottering By Gently artist Annie Tempest’s endearing cartoons, it is a must for anyone whose dog rules the house!

Worktop Saver in Pre-Wash


Does anybody know of a dog that can resist an open dishwasher door? A must for anyone with a soft spot for dogs – and obligatory if it happens to be a black Labrador – this Glass Worktop Saver is a fond reminder of just why we love dogs so much.

Waboba® Fetch Dog Ball



Treat your dog to hours of water-based fun with this fetch ball specially designed to float on water. A must for any dog that likes nothing better than splashing around in the river or the sea, the ball is just the right size for throwing and for your dog to retrieve. My puppy goes nuts for this bouncy ball!

How It Works: The Dog


Part of the new Ladybird Books for adults range, this hilarious book is perfect for any dog owner! Humans have been around dogs for thousands of years, but how do we know what they’re really thinking? We think we do, like the book states, ''You love it, don't you, boy? says Siobhan. Columbo does love the food. But he would be just as happy to eat his own sick.'' This humorous parody for adults is a great read and will be loved by all.

Me, The Dog & You Pillow Cases


We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend, so it seems only fair they have the lion’s share of the bed. These witty, generously-sized pillowcases are a must for anyone who shares their bed with their favourite pet!


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