It's National Pet Month

Published on Tuesday, 9th April 2013
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As it’s National Pet Month we thought we’d share our favourite pet stories with you all.

Did you know it’s National Pet Month from 1st April until 6th May? We are a nation of animal lovers and our office is no exception. Between us we have 6 cats, 2 dogs, 30 goldfish and even 1 Chilean Rose Tarantula (called Bella)! We have put together a few funny and strange anecdotes to share with you, which we hope you will enjoy!Basil and Arabella

Gemma - “I have 3 cats - Blossom (7 years old), Basil (4 years old) and Arabella (1 year old, AKA Shrimpy - don't ask!), and wherever you look in our house, there’s always a cat. Basil thinks he's a dog as he runs around noisily, not silently like most cats!  He also likes to annoy us by switching the DVD player on with his nose whenever we're watching anything that isn't the Lion King. Blossom snores - so I have a snoring husband in my bed, and a snoring cat under it (she sleeps right beneath me).  She also shouts at me a lot.  No idea what she's saying though! And Shrimpy hates people.  Won't be touched by the human hand (rescue cat) but she LOVES Basil (while he merely tolerates her).”

Emma - “I have a very handsome cat called Sims, who likes rolling in dirt and shoelaces!”

Jane – “We have a Border Terrier called Teasel, (who is the love of my husband's life) and a very beautiful long haired Tabby cat called Mrs Cat - she is rather amazing because she is nearly 20 years old.  We also have about 30 goldfish in our pond - they are the offspring of goldfish that were in large bowls forming table decorations at our daughter's 21st Birthday party, ten years ago!  (Girls of that age are not impressed by flower arrangements!)”. Bella the Chilean Rose Tarantula

Cam - "I own a Chilean Rose Tarantula that is now 3 years old. About 6 months after owning it, I came downstairs to find it lying on it's back in it's tank. At first I thought it had unfortunately died but then I noticed it moving slightly and sat down to witness one of the most amazing sights – like a scene out of a sci-fi movie, it was malting and shedding it's exoskeleton…. About 2 hours later there was a perfect 'empty' replica of Bella sharing the tank."

However, not all of us here at PFM Head Office have a pet. After questioning some of the team Chris told me he’s “always wanted a Siberian Husky”, whilst Nicola would settle for a Parrot and a Chimp! I on the other hand would be pretty happy with a little fish...or two, or three!

So it’s your turn to let us know what pets you have, or what pet you have always dreamed of having - you could always share your favourite pet stories with us too! Let us know as we always love hearing from you.

PS. Don’t forget to check out our range of Pet Accessories for your cat and dog too.

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