Introducing our Favourite Gardening Bloggers

Published on Tuesday, 22nd April 2014
Looking for an inspirational new gardening blog? You've come to the right place!

The clocks have moved forward and the British weather is getting warmer by the week – summer is nearly upon us.  For many of us, that may give us the opportunity to relax in the garden or enjoy a barbeque or two.

Not everyone maintains their garden over the winter period and, as a result, they are left with the large task of mowing the overgrown grass, tidying and generally sprucing up in time for summer.

And then there are those who are passionate about their garden all year round… 

This month we would like to share with you our favourite gardening bloggers who inspire and teach us how to make the most of our gardens.

The Smallest Smallholding

The Smallest Smallholding is written by Lucy from Bedfordshire, following her journey as a Smallholder from her 20s and now into her 30s.

Lucy’s beautifully designed website is full of well-written articles about general gardening, growing fruit and veg, as well as following her life as a (mostly) vegan gardener.
Emma Cooper

Keen Oxfordshire based gardener, Emma Cooper, blogs regularly on a whole host of topics – from topical book reviews, recipes and, of course, gardening.

Making compost is one of Emma’s passions, as well as growing plants and food. This includes  a number of brightly-coloured weird and wonderful edible assortments, of which she has written about in her recent blog post.
The Compost Bin

The Compost Bin follows the life of an organic family based on Herefordshire, growing their own food, living with a variety of animals (including cats, chickens and guinea pigs), and generally living a more self-sufficient lifestyle.  Oh and they make a lot of compost too!

The Compostwoman, Compostman and Compostgirl have four acres of land consisting of a garden, woodland, small orchard and veg plot.  Some of the food they grow includes fruit and veg, as well as making their own chutneys, jams, ciders and wines, which all-in-all makes it a very enjoyable and interesting blog to follow.
Veg Plotting

This blog follows the life of a gardener who decided to challenge herself to discover new things and work them out on her own, becoming an independent woman on a mission. She was faced with her first battle when she moved to Chippenham in 1999 and looked upon her 15mx15m plot. Her journey is captivating and she has many stories to tell, stories which date back to 2007 (so you better catch up!).
Real Men Sow

After being shown the ropes by his mum Jan, Jono, the author of Real Men Sow, has managed to sustain both his garden and his blog for a number of years.

Taking over a redundant allotment plot back in 2007, Jono has a passion for gardening and clearly enjoys the benefits of his labour in the form of fruit and veg. 

Jono even created a money saving spreadsheet for all savings made from growing food in his allotments!

Hillwards is a diary written by Sara on her hilltop garden in rural south Wales.

Sara’s blog highlights the beautiful array of flowers and plants grown in her large garden, accompanied by a rather awesome banner.  Her garden is well looked after even during the winter seasons, as demonstrated by her blog posts all year round.
Out of My Shed

Naomi Schillinger is behind Out of Shed – a blog following the life of a gardener in north London.  Naomi is a talented grower of vegetables, making use of small spaces and a front garden in urban London.

Out of My Shed has several blog posts on beautiful plants, the food Naomi grows and even some stories and images of wildlife being taken care of.
The London Vegetable Garden

The London Vegetable Garden follows the tales of Callum Saunders who is on a mission to show the people of England that anyone can grow vegetables, no matter how small the space they have to work with.

Callum is a passionate gardener who has been blogging for more than four years.
Vertical Veg

Vertical Veg is a great educational blog for helping to grow food successfully in containers.  There are several tips on Mark’s blog as well as training courses for container growing.

Mark learned his trade when he lived in a London flat by growing on his balcony.  After starting small, Mark ended up eating fresh food off his London balcony nearly every day of the week.  The he moved up North to Newcastle and started all over again.
The Blackberry Garden

Gardening in the evenings and on weekends, it is a happy obsession for the Blackberry Garden blogger…

Blog posts are filled with images of flowers and trees – the main components of this Leicester garden.  And there are lots of bright and colourful flowers to be seen on the Blackberry Garden blog, even during winter.
The Patient Gardener’s Weblog

Helen, the author behind The Patient Gardener’s weblog has helped plant an RHS Chelsea Flower Show showgarden and previously written for Yell as their gardening expert.

Each blog post is well-written with high quality photos of Helen’s garden and all her beautiful plants and flowers on display.
Two Thirsty Gardeners

Authors of Two Thirsty Gardeners, Rich and Nick acquired a neglected allotment plot a couple of years ago.  This blog follows the tales of their battles with slugs, weeds and even yeast infections as they continue to produce fresh fruit and veg.  And from their fruit, they make alcohol, which makes us wonder why they’re still thirsty?
Mark’s Veg Plot

Mark’s Veg Plot in his back garden consists of six fully-stocked raised beds.  His garden is so big it even contains a patio with deckchairs and a table, as well as space for a few trees and of course the standard garden shed.

With the garden being well-kept, Mark blogs about the flowers and food he grows, each accomplished with some fantastic photography.
Noel’s Garden Blog

A garden writer and researcher, lecturer and teacher, Noel’s Garden Blog doesn’t just focus on his own garden but also history lessons as well as trips around the world.
The Garden Smallholder

The Garden Smallholder follows Karen in her North Bedfordshire garden.  A blog about keeping chickens and growing fruit and vegetables mainly.

Karen fell in love with gardening and keeping chickens when she lived in Bristol prior to moving to Bedfordshire in 2008.  As well as a garden of her own, Karen also owns an allotment where she grows fruit and veg.
Tidy Gardens by Jane

Passionate gardener Jane keeps her blog updated with her work and her own garden – including a large number of photos in each blog post of the beautiful, brightly coloured flowers she has grown.
Aberdeen Gardening

Alistair has been gardening for more than four decades and uses his blog, Aberdeen Gardening to profile the plants he and his wife Myra have been growing in Scotland. 

Moving to Cheshire last year, Alistair continues his plant growing and continues to document the work he does in his back garden, including the blossoming Primulas, Crocus and Daffodils.
Alternative Eden

Alternative Eden follows the story of Mark and Gaz’s garden in Bedfordshire.  Using mostly hardy plants with some more tender accent plants in pots, the pair have taken wonderful photos to accomplish their blog posts.

Aside from just plants, Mark and Gaz have also built a Koi Pond in their garden and documented their visits to many public gardens visited both in the United Kingdom and across the world.
Flighty’s Plot

Going by the name of Flighty, Flighty’s Plot follows a 30 by 60 feet allotment in Harrow. 
Most things here are planted or sown directly, including Daffodils, Rhubarb and Crocuses.  The allotment also has its fair share of wildlife making an appearance!
The Anxious Gardener

Save the biggest ‘til last!  David Marsden, the Anxious Gardener looks after six acres of grounds and a sixteenth century priory in East Sussex.

David’s beautiful and mesmerising work is documented on his blog as well as some of the wildlife he has the pleasure to spend time with.  Be sure to check out some of the photos of cute animals David has published on his blog.

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