Introducing our Favourite Beauty Bloggers

Published on Thursday, 6th March 2014
Whether you’re looking for a new beauty blog to read, or inspiration to start your own, you’ve come to the right place!

Introducing Our Favourite Beauty Bloggers

We all like to look and feel our best.  At Presents for Men, we all like to dress up and try on a bit of make-up.  And we’re sure you’re just the same.  We even have our own Make-Up, Hair and Nail Products section on the website.

This March, Presents for Men have selected our favourite beauty blogs.  We’d like to say a special thank you to each blogger for inspiring our style, and we hope you enjoy these blogs as much as we do!

Makeup Savvy

Fiona is very enthusiastic about her makeup, mainly focussing on nail art.  “Fee”, as she is known to her audience, writes a number of nail art reviews, often focussing on the low-cost products found both on the High Street and online –  products that all of her audience can afford.

We first came across Fee more than a year ago when one of our employees was looking for Hallowe’en inspiration and this blog provided exactly what they were looking for!

If you’re looking for nail inspiration for a special occasion, you’ll find a number of designs and tutorials at Makeup Savvy.

Forever Amber

Amber is a brilliant, self-employed writer spending her time doing what she does best - blogging! A self-proclaimed shoe addict (she owns 109 and counting), it comes as no surprise that you’ll be reading a lot about shoes!

In addition to this, Amber also writes about a whole load of other interesting topics, from travelling to ‘Random Acts of Stupidity’. This blog has it all. Amber’s blog attracts over 26,000 visitors per month, which is a sure sign that the blog is nothing short of fantastic!

Head over to Amber’s blog for some fantastic beauty ideas, here

Elle Yeah

Born and raised on the French Riviera, Elodie, the author of the wonderfully named Elle Yeah, guides us through her travels; from London to France and recently, her trip to Morocco.

Elodie always dresses up on her adventures and takes the time to show us photos of what she’s been wearing recently and what makeup she has in her handbag.  We love everything Elodie wears and her impressive photography skills too!

Check out what Elodie is wearing today at Elle Yeah.


When we discovered that Zoe is only 23 years of age, we were certain that she deserved a place in our top 20 best beauty bloggers list. Why? Well, at such a young age, not only does Zoe write engagingly, she also has a large following on Youtube - people want to listen to what she has to say!

One of our favourite posts from her blog is the one titled “What's On My Holiday Beauty Shelf?” This informative piece talks about what Zoe took with her when she went on holiday and makes the reader realise that sometimes you don’t need to carry a heavy makeup bag - sometimes minimal makeup is better!

For more helpful beauty advice, be sure to visit Zoe’s blog!

Katie’s Beauty Blog

Katie’s Beauty Blog follows the life of a girl who spends her money on beauty products and makeup more than anything else!

A photography graduate, Katie regularly blogs about her adventures, reviewing products as well ‘vblogging’ (video blogging) tutorials. We love Katie’s work, particularly the 2013 roundup of her favourite eye products.

Read more of Katie’s work here.

Vivianna Does Makeup

Anna is the brains behind Vivianna Does Makeup. A lover of lacquer and a maven of makeup, Anna really knows her stuff! What sets Anna apart from her contemporaries is her unique style and wit, which comes across through her unique style of writing. 

The blog has a good collection of various types of posts, such as reviews and news on the latest looks. Anna receives many replies to her posts from fans; a sure sign of an expert in her field.

Are you in need of beauty expert? You know where to click!

A Little Obsessed 
Sabrina B from London is the fashion blogger behind ‘A Little Obsessed’.  Sabrina reveals her passion in reviewing a number of makeup products, including a number of nail art kits.

We especially like Sabrina’s suggestions for 5 must-have items in your handbag for a city break.  That blog coincided with Sabrina’s trip to Paris!  Alright for some…

Find out what fashion and makeup products Sabrina has been obsessed with lately.

Sparkly Vodka

Hailing from Yorkshire, Caroline is a graphic designer by trade. Alongside this, she also provides superb views on makeup on her blog, Sparkly Vodka.

When reading Caroline’s blog, we liked her initiative of going through her favourite products for each month. For example, we know that in January, Caroline really liked a number of products, such as Bleach London Silver Shampoo.

If you want to find out about some worthwhile products, Sparkly Vodka is the one!

Sophie etc.
Sophie is an 18-year old style and beauty blogger who is currently a student of English literature and creative writing.

Dressing up and reviewing makeup products comes naturally to Sophie who runs this blog in her spare time.  Sophie regularly takes photos of herself in outfits and putting on makeup.  Sophie looks like she had a lot of fun during this photo-shoot titled “Carry Me”.

Find out what else Sophie has been taking photos of recently, here.

Ever So Juliet

Yep, you’ve guessed it. The owner behind this fabulous blog is Juliet. While Juliet may write about baking and lifestyle, she also writes about beauty - and boy, does she do it well! 

As a creative enthusiast, it is no surprise that Juliet enjoys nail art and hair styling. One post in particular that we enjoyed is “GHD Style & Protect Gift Set”.

If you are looking for creative self-styling ideas, you wouldn’t want to miss this blog.

British Beauty Blogger

Jane, the author behind ‘British Beauty Blogger’ is a prolific blogger who reviews a number of makeup products each week.

As well as running her own blog, Jane has her own beauty channel on YouTube where she reviews products by ‘vblogging’, too.

Find a review of any beauty product you can think of over at British Beauty Blogger.

Pearls & Poodles

Originating from the town famous for its sense of style (Essex), Pearls and Poodles takes advantage of her natural flair for style and shares it brilliantly with her reader base.

From the many posts written on fashion and beauty, we picked the “YSL Peach Passion Rouge Volupte lipstick” as our personal favourite. Why? Because, not only has it been written very well, but we love her choice of imagery too.

We are confident that you will enjoy the blog just as much as we do. Go on, visit the blog!

Charissa Rae

Regularly styling a number of outfits on her front doorstep, as well as reviewing the odd beauty product, each week we look forward to seeing what uniform Charissa Rae is sporting.
Charissa is so popular that before Christmas she was invited to the opening of a brand new fragrance shop in Newcastle – which she blogged about.  We hope they gave you some freebies Charissa!
See what Charissa is wearing this week by visiting her website.


As soon as we came across this blog, we immediately knew that Glowstars had to be on our list of top beauty bloggers. The striking colours and the use of images really impressed us.

Glowstars focuses a fair amount on nail art and rightly so as Vic, the author behind the blog holds a number of qualifications in this area. For example, she covered a course on Gelish Gel Polish. So you can be confident that she knows what she writes about. 

If you’re looking for tips and pointers about how to look after your nails, be sure to check out Glowstars!


A graduate in fashion design and production, Victoria mixes her own fashion shoots with product reviews on her blog, Vipxo.

We’re very jealous of Victoria who recently went to Indonesia and took photos of her latest outfit in the pool at her hotel.

See what Victoria has to say about makeup products and what she’s wearing this week on her blog.

Lily Melrose

The blog, Lily Melrose, covers everything beauty related, from skincare to eyebrows and even eyelashes! This is a refreshing take on blogging as it focuses on one area and does it well.

Lily’s latest blog titled “How To: Update Your Skincare For Spring” was extremely helpful and informative as it advices readers upon the type of factors they should take into account when getting ready for Spring. For example, did you know you should be wearing SPF all year round?

If you are interested in finding out more, head over to Lily Melrose!

Let’s Talk Beauty

One thing we love about Vicki’s blog, Let’s Talk Beauty, is that she always writes an in-depth review of the beauty products.

Mainly focussing on beauty and skincare related products, Vicki reviews a number of products from bath foams, cleansers and anti-aging creams.

Find out what skincare products you may be missing out on as Vicki talks beauty.

We Shop Therefore We Are

Although the blog started in 2010, it has already been shortlisted for ‘Best High Street Blog’ three times! And that is why ladies and gents, we had to include the blog within our list! In addition to this, the blog has gained much exposure through a number of well-respected articles and magazines.

One of the latest posts is geared towards preparing for your holidays and really makes the reader prepare for their own adventures. The article tackles issues such as the type of clothes and accessories one ought to take with them when going abroad.

If you are planning on going on a holiday and are not sure what to take with you, click here!

Emma Belle Fashion

Predominantly reviewing fashion and beauty products, Emma also enlightens us on her personal life and the occasional recipe.  Those aside, we love Emma’s opinions of all things beauty related.

As a welcome distraction from Emma’s fashion advice, last month she posted this adorable photo of her cat, Treacle.  We hope you love the kitty as much as we do!

Read more of Emma’s fashion advice here.

Dinosaur Dances

Interested in fashion and beauty, Lucy took up blogging to channel her interests on a useful platform - and she’s doing it well!

While blogging about lifestyle and food, you can also expect information on the latest fashion and beauty products.  For example, in the post “Eyeliner Week: The Tools”, Lucy provides helpful tips on the required tools (in this case, brushes) in order to create that perfect eye definition. 

Are you also looking for tips on how to look glamorous? Then, Dinosaur Dancesis the one for you!
Are there any fashion bloggers we missed out on the list that we should be taking tips from each week?  Please use the comment box below for suggestions!

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