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Insta Heater

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    Insta Heater
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    • A small but mighty personal heater with an adjustable thermostat
    • Plug it into any three-pin socket
    • With a remote control and auto timer options
    Perfectly portable, the Insta Heater is a compact, energy-efficient heating device with powerful thermal flow technology. Wherever you go in the home, you can take it with you and be warm. Simply plug it directly into any three-pin socket and feel the room warm up quickly.

    The unit comes with a remote control and an adjustable thermostat so you can be comfy and cosy at the ideal temperature. Plus, a 12-hour programmable timer lets you customise and set auto switch-on and off times so you can wake up in the morning to toasty warmth or come home from work to soothing snugness.

    600W. 13cm dia.
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