In The Driving Seat - Essential Motoring Must-haves

Published on Thursday, 23rd April 2015
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With most of our time spent driving to this place or that, a lot of us could say that we practically live in our cars. So why not kit out your four wheel ride with must-have motoring accessories that no one should be without.

Sun Blaster

Driving in the early morning or late afternoon can be hazardous, especially when the sun shines low in the sky. Avoid dangerous situations with the Sun Blaster – designed to clip onto any sun visor larger than 28cm, it reduces blinding glare and harsh reflections, without obscuring your vision.

CD Slot Mount

Worried about your windscreen or dashboard? Keep them clear with this award-winning CD Slot Mount. Whether you need to mount your Sat Nav or mobile phone, you can fit this mount into most single disc CD players. And the best part about it? Your CD player can still be used when the CD Slot Mount is inserted. Perfectly adjustable to multiple positions and angles for a perfect view.

Henry Car Bin

Keep your car clean and rubbish-free with the iconic Henry pop-up Car Bin. Ideal for sweet wrappers, parking tickets etc when on the go and fully waterproof for leaky bottles. Simply wipe it clean to clear it of any muck.

Universal GPS Nav-Pack

Both a portable dashboard stand and a protective travel case in one, the Universal GPS Nav-Pack is ideal for taking on holiday or for carrying your Sat Nav around without the worry of it getting damaged. Featuring a weighted base to keep the case in place and a soft cushioned cover to protect your Sat Nav, this Universal pack can be adjusted to 3 different angles for the best view.

Near the Motorways

Missed the turn off to the motorway service station, or just fancy a change of scenery? Near the Motorways – Affordable Alternatives to Service Stations, is a brilliantly informative guide that features over 200 pubs, restaurants, hotels and petrol stations just 5 minutes from the motorways, with special mention of those which are child and pet-friendly.

Magnetic Windscreen Cover

An essential for any car owner – this magnetic Windscreen cover boasts extra-strong magnets to keep the cover in place. Keep ice off of your windscreen in winter or cool your car down in the summer. Made from durable, washable material, this cover also has new side flaps that can be secured inside the doors.

Professional Tyre Pressure Gauge

No need to wait in long queues at the garage to check your tyre pressure. Now you can test your tyres comfortably at home. Properly inflated tyres can improve fuel consumption up to 10%, reduce tyre wear and improve car handling. Now you can always be sure that your tyres are in peak condition.

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