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I Really Love Personalised Mug

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    • Personalise your own mug
    • Declares your true love and favourite beverage
    • Prints name, beverage, milk and sugar
    • Next day delivery is not available on this item
    Declare your true love and favourite beverage on this mug. Enter any name of a person, activity or anything else in the name field, and let your work colleages, family or friends know how you take your drink by personalising this mug with your beverage choice, and how much sugar and milk you take.

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    Your Reviews and Feedback

    Product Review
    Personalised Mug
    Excellent,my wife was most impressed, something so very different for a silly St Valentine's Day present.
    Reviewed by:
    Service Review
    Mug arrived within a couple of days, well packed and ready to present/use.
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    Product Review
    I really love this mug
    Brilliant product, the text is very striking and you can put on what drink you/your recipient wants in a morning.
    Looks the business :)
    Reviewed by:
    Marc L
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