How to Wrap the Perfect Present

Published on Thursday, 22nd March 2012
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Learn how to wrap the perfect present with this video we found!

Do you love celebrating people’s birthdays, but find wrapping presents utterly impossible?
We’ve just found a fantastic video on how to wrap the perfect present, so if you have a birthday coming up for a friend or family member make sure you check out this video and surprise someone with your amazing wrapping skills.

Wrapping A Round Tin Like A Christamas Cracker.
By Anonymous - 23rd March 2012
measure the height of tin plus the same length. wrap paper round the tin and add more for overlap. Mark each end the back of wrapping paper the exact place where the tin will be central, then fold the edges of paper to the marks and cut half way in from the folded edge in intervals of 1/2 inch on both folds. Now wrap the paper the right side outward around the cilindrical of the tin and fasten with sticky tape, tie a peice of string around each end where the slits are, gently pushing the tied paper towards the top and the base.finish with sticky tape inside each end. finish by adding your message on a small peice of card, stuck on the reverse some of the left over wrapping paper so that it copliments your parcel.
I will try that out. Thanks for the wrapping tip.
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