How does our new Sonic Skin Care System compare with the high end brand Clarisonic?

Published on Friday, 31st May 2013
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We put Gemma to the test to try out our new Silk’n Sonic Skin Care System. Read how she got on…

Silk’n recently put out their version of the motorised skin care brush, a gadget made popular by the high end brand Clarisonic. I have been using the Clarisonic now for the past 4 months and so was interested to know how the Silk’n version stacked up against the Clarisonic. I will be comparing the Sonic Skin Care System with the Clarisonic Mia 2. Sonic SKin Care System

  1. Price - this is where the most dramatic difference occurs. The Silk’n brush retails for £49.99, which is a whopping 58% cheaper than the Clarisonic Mia 2 (£120). Clarisonic very rarely discount and the retailers they work with are generally not big discounters so you would be lucky to find any Clarisonic unit at less than the SRP.
  2. Brush Head – The head of the Silk’n unit is slightly larger than the Clarisonic brush and the bristles slightly coarser.  There are various different brush heads you can buy for different skin types for the Clarisonic – I have just compared it with the standard head that comes with the unit.
  3. Body Size – The body of the Silk’n is slightly longer, larger and shinier in finish.  It’s nice – it fits in the hand well and comes with a handy charging station on which it can sit.  The Clarisonic is slightly more compact with a textured finish.
  4. Power – Both are mains charged.  Silk’n docks into a holder, the Clarisonic has a clever magnetic charger and feels like it vibrates faster.
  5. Performance – Silk’n has vibrating and pulsating modes, and 2 speeds for each.  The vibrating mode is said to clean and exfoliate the skin, while the pulsating mode improves skin elasticity.  It has a 60 second timer.  Clarisonic has 2 speeds and a 60 second timer which stops intermittently to let you know to move onto the next section of the face. 
Overall, the effect on the skin is very similar from one device to the other.  They both clean and exfoliate extremely well.  The faster vibration on the Clarisonic and softer head makes it feel a little less abrasive and gentler on the skin. £120 is a lot of money to spend on a facial cleanser without having tried it and knowing if it will suit you and your skin. For £49.99 you can get a very similar result.

Take a look at our Sonic Skin Care System and don’t forget to let us know your opinions – we always love hearing from you.

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