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Heated Backpack Massager

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    Heated Backpack Massager
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    • Remote controlled massage backpack
    • 3 massage programmes
    • Adjustable straps
    • 15ft extendable cord
    • Includes car power cable
    The backpack massager will help soothe muscle pain and fatigue, directly targeting muscular tension in your neck and back. Adjust the backpack to fit and use the remote control to alter the speed and massage zones, as well as the temperature.

    This effective massager can be used hot or cold, depending on the type of back pain. It is supplied with a stretchy mains cable and a car power cable so you can even use it during long car journeys.

    Simple remote controls. 15ft extendable cord. 46 x 35 x 3cm.

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    Heated backpack massager
    My husband has a very sore neck and loves this. He uses it every night. Heat massage really helps. A bit noisy though.
    Product Review
    Unsure whether to recommend
    This was a good quality item, but the the vibration was at a frequency that made me feel anxious. I would have been happier with a lower frequency vibration. It was a difficult decision, but we returned it in the end. It could be a good product for some people though. It may be worth trying.
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