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Going, Going, Gone

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Going, Going, Gone
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  • 100 animals and plants on the verge of extinction
  • Support of 100 conservation groups
  • Beautifully illustrated throughout
  • Fascinating read
  • Hardback
Be captivated by this compelling analysis of 100 species that are most at risk of dissappearing from our world. Beautifully illustrated throughout, with full-page photographs of each of the 100 species selected, this fascinating book explains why each of the threatened species - both the charismatic and the less appealing - are important and what it means to us to lose them.

One hundred conservation groups ranging from the RSPB to the Galapagos Conservation Trust provide a synopsis of the threats faced, an outline of the work being done to save them, and also a way in which the reader can help.


223 pages.

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