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Furniture Movers

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    Furniture Movers
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    • Move furniture with ease
    • Suitable for all types of floor
    • Simple lift and slide mechanism
    Take the strain out of moving heavy furniture with this easy-to-use lift and slide Furniture Moving System. Simply raise the piece of furniture you want to move using the metal lifter, then slip the Furniture Sliders beneath each corner to then push the item effortlessly across the floor.

    The sliders are double-sided, with a smooth plastic surface for use on carpets and a blue foam side for use on hard floors such as wood and vinyl. The tip of the lifter has a rubber cap that can be removed to get under items that sit flush to the floor. Once finished, the pieces pack compactly away for storage in a drawer.

    Includes a 2-piece lifter and 8 sliders, 14 x 8cm.

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    Furniture mover
    Made it easier to move tables.
    Reviewed by:
    Liz Shepherd
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    Quick service
    Reviewed by:
    Liz Shepherd
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