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French Bulldog Porcelain Tray

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    French Bulldog Porcelain Tray
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    • Featuring artwork from The Berkley Bestiary
    • A quirky, funny gift for Frenchie fans
    • Boxed
    "Ryan and Lucy Berkley, creators of The Berkley Bestiary, bring together gorgeous portraits and hilarious 'biographies' of our best-loved animals in their quirky and unusual artwork.

    Dog lovers, and frenchie fanatics in particular, will appreciate this square porcelain tray featuring a very dapper French bulldog.

    To complement the decorative dish, Lucy Berkley describes the pooch's personality on the back of the gift box  once you've read it you won't be able to look at the tray without a smile...

    ""This French bulldog is a true romantic. He loves walks on the beach and he always dresses like he's in a Clark Gable love story. He loves to cuddle, but be aware: in his culture it's perfectly acceptable to kiss with the tongue.""

    Size: 12.5 x 12.5cm approx."
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