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Be on the ball when shopping for gifts for football fans with our collection of back-of-the-net football gifts your friends and family are sure to get a kick out of. Find books, modelling kits, calendars and personalised football gifts that will score points with sports fans whichever team they support.
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Match of the Day Quiz Book
Match of the Day Quiz Book
Test your knowledge of The Beautiful Game with the Match Of The Day Quiz Book.
The Little Book of Football
The Little Book of Football
A revised and expanded pocket-sized collection of quotes about football teams, past and present.
Football's Strangest Matches
Football's Strangest Matches
Football's Strangest Matches contain weird and wonderful stories from over a hundred years of football.
3D Wooden Puzzle - Football
3D Wooden Puzzle - Football
Set the goal posts high by trying to do this challenging 3D Puzzle as quickly as you can.
Build Your Own 3D Football Stadium
Build Your Own 3D Football Stadium
Out of stock.
Build an accurate 3D model of your favourite football team's stadium in under two hours.

We can help you achieve your goals of being the perfect gift-giver for the footie fans in your life with our great range of football gifts. We have books, football-related activities and personalised products associated with the beautiful game.

Fantastic football gifts

Whether you’re looking for the perfect present for a friend or family member or thinking of getting yourself a little something, you’re sure to find the right thing amongst our gifts for football fans.

Treat your teammates

Whoever your teammates in life may be, whether they’re your friends, family, or colleagues, we know treating them to something that works with their interests makes gift-giving all the more special. That’s why we have a selection of items that are related to the top football teams so you can show them you respect whatever team they support (even if you think they’re wrong!).

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