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Flora Tea Set

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    Flora Tea Set
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    • Teas burst into flower in hot water
    • Multi award winning green teas
    • Six individual flower teas
    • Includes one tasting glass
    • Gift boxed
    Turn tea drinking into a magnificent spectacle with these beautiful blooming teas.

    Offering an amazing experience for any tea lover, Flora Tea combines the finest first-pick green tea tips with a dried flower heart that bursts into life when you add boiling water.

    Winner of numerous Great Taste awards, the teas will change your whole perception of tea drinking!

    The gift set includes six individual tea flavours together with a long-stemmed crystal glass (450ml) to create the perfect display.

    Flavours will vary to include Lily Fairy (green tea, lily and jasmine), Flower Lover (green tea, marigold, globe amaranth and jasmine), Aromatic Mayflower (green tea, lily and sweet-scented osmanthus), Flying Snow (green tea, marigold and coconut fruit fibre), Jasmine With Love (green tea and jasmine), Oriental Beauty (green tea, marigold and jasmine), Heart's Desire (green tea, rose and lily) and Summer Love (green tea, carnation and sweet-scented osmanthus).

    Gift boxed. 25cm high.

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    What a fabulous concept!
    What a fabulous concept ! I have totally fallen in love with the pure taste, so refreshing... I was so impressed by watching the flowers blooming in the wine glass !! Guys, you should try these amazing Flora Teas!
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