Festival Fever!

Published on Friday, 22nd July 2016
Festival season is well under way, Qwerkiteers! We’ve picked out some of our best products to get you through your festivals in comfort and style.

Comfy Wedge

If you don’t fancy being right at the front of the stage, take the Comfy Wedge with you. Lean back, relax and just enjoy the music! The Comfy Wedge is completely waterproof, inflates in seconds and folds up to the size of a book, making it easy to carry with you.


Cooler Stool

It’s a chair and a cool bag! The cooler stool folds flat for easy storage and has integrated carry handles for portability. A spacious insulated cool bag beneath the seat is the perfect place to keep your beer or a picnic chilled.


Surf & Swim Shoe

If you’re camping at a festival and want to make use of the showers, these shoes are brilliant. Extremely light, with grip soles and small drainage holes, there’s no need to worry about picking up anything nasty when you use public showers.


Q-Zone Earplugs

We all know that festival campsites can be somewhat noisy! If you’d rather get some shut-eye than join the never ending party in the tent next door, then the Q-zone earplugs are for you. The earplugs come with two filters; one for ambient noise and one to block out snoring, resulting in both high and low frequency sounds being screened out. The warmth of the ear softens the earplug to fit, making them very comfortable to wear while sleeping.


Folding Insulated Mat

No one likes a soggy bottom! This compact folding mat is insulated and waterproof, and it’ll fit in your back pocket or handbag. No more cold or damp bottoms when sitting on grass!


Unisex Uriwell

As anyone who’s camped at a festival will tell you, sometimes the toilets are miles away from your tent. It’s not brilliant when it’s three o’clock in the morning and (in typical British fashion) raining heavily and/or freezing cold. Avoid getting caught short with the Uriwell. The size of a drinks can, the device can be used by men and women and expands when necessary. A tight lid ensures no spills. No muss, no fuss.


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