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Cook delicious stone-baked crispy-based pizzas in just 5 minutes with the Pizza Making Kit//P17718! Perfect for homemade or shop-bought pizzas, the counter top Pizza Oven delivers an intense heat that cooks pizzas to perfection.

Reaching temperatures of up to 300 degrees and with an authentic firestone cooking bed, the pizzas taste like they've come from the best Italian pizza kitchens! Remove the pizza stone to use the non-stick deep pan base to cook and heat up all sorts of other foods, from fish to frittata!


We just love it!

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  We decided to use our Erasable Felt Tip Pens//P18461 for the finer details on our little eggies. Obviously, we're all brilliant artists (I mean, look at these!) and we would never make any mistakes, but you could actually just wipe the designs off the eggs
with a damp cloth.

The Erasable Felt Tip Pens//P18461 come as a set of 12 colours, and are great fun for
doodling with!

For the slightly bolder colours for the Little One and Biscuit eggs, we used these brilliant Paint Sticks//P17890. You can add bold colourful brushstrokes to paper (or an egg!) without picking up a paintbrush!

A fantastic mess-free alternative to ordinary paints, these Paint Sticks are filled with ready-to-use poster paint that you apply to paper just like a pen. Plus, they're currently in our Easter Sale!//CSPECIALOFFER Snap them up while you can!

And here are our little "egg-speriments"!   

Of course, there had to be a winner, and we felt that Benji went above and beyond the call of duty; sacrificing a lock of his little girl's Barbie doll's hair!

Ben now has bragging rights as the most eggs-celent Easter egg decorator in town!

Have you been decorating any Easter eggs, Qwerkiteers?

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Hop to it!

Once Upon A Time... Thu, 27 Apr 2017 00:00:00 GMT Laura-Anne Once upon a time it was Tell A Story Day, and the little elves at Qwerkity picked out their favourite books from their super cool website.]]> Once upon a time it was Tell A Story Day, and the little elves at Qwerkity picked out their favourite books from their super cool website.

Laura-Anne picked A Child’s First Book Of Trump//P17920.

She likes the pictures of the orange lump.



Nic thinks Peter Rabbit’s Little Book Of Virtue//P18551 is the best.

She can’t wait to put this good advice to the test.




Katy chose Cows In Trees//P17866 as her best story to read.

Whoever knew that a cow could get treed?



Cam likes the story Five Give Up Booze//P18244.

The tale of their travails is sure to amuse.




James loves Peter Rabbit’s Book Of Harmony//P18550.

It leaves him full of bonhomie!



Ben likes Medicine’s Strangest Cases//P15858.

These stories will surely put you through your paces!



Jane loves Terry Wogan’s Something For The Weekend//17919.

She thinks it’s a great read if you have some time to spend.



Chloe’s favourite is Peter Rabbit’s Little Guide To Life//P18549.

This is the book to refer to in times of strife.



Mandy likes Auld Lang Syne//P16892.

She hums these tunes all the time!


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World Baking Day Wed, 17 May 2017 00:00:00 GMT Laura-Anne

Our Top 12 Gifts For Father's Day!!-blog200/!-blog200/#comments Mon, 12 Jun 2017 00:00:00 GMT Laura-Anne!-blog200/



Are you struggling to pick an awesome gift for Father's Day?
Don't panic, we're here to help!
We've selected our 12 best gifts for your dad, stepdad or grandfather.
Enjoy, Qwerkiteers!


Deluxe Carving Chisels//P18365

Use these professional Carving Chisels//P18365 to whittle wood into amazing creations. This set of 6 has popular shaped and sized blades that are perfect
for both experts and beginners alike.
He’ll soon be whittling away in no time! And if he needs some inspiration,
the Little Book Of Whittling//P12672 is the perfect accompaniment!




Chilli Hanging Basket//P15351

Some like it hot, and now you can grow your own red hot chilli peppers at home
even if you don’t have a garden.
The hanging basket set//P15351 includes a wicker basket, compost, seeds and instructions.
These “spicy-a” peppers are a great gift for a green thumbed, gourmet loving Dad!

Chocolate Teapot//P16578

Has your dad ever used the phrase “as useful as a chocolate teapot//P16578”? Now he can (pun totally intended) eat his words! Hand made with real Belgian chocolate, this teapot makes a tasty treat! Just add some hot water, give it a good stir and start dunking marshmallows, strawberries; whatever you fancy!
The world is your teapot…



Wall Climbing Car//P16701

This tiny remote control car//P16701 is quite literally off the wall! Thanks to a vacuum undercarriage you can drive it all over the house –
on the floor, up the walls and even across the ceiling.
If you happen to be singing the theme from Back To The Future at the same time,
we salute you, Sir!
Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…

Woodland Tumbler//P17046

This beautiful hand-etched tumbler//P17046 is made exclusively for Qwerkity, and will make the perfect vessel to wet the baby’s head! The glass features an exquisite
woodland scene with stags and a squirrel.

Ferrari Ballpoint Pen//P15085

The perfect gift for any dad who likes driving in the fast lane! This ballpoint pen//P15085 has been made by Sheaffer under license from Ferrari. Reflecting the slick precision of the iconic racing car, it is finished in Ferrari’s unmistakable Rosso Corsa red gloss and features the 'Cavallino Rampante' prancing horse shield.


5 Piece Jaguar Collection//P18013

Just in case you've been promising your dad a Jaguar for years, now you treat him to five! This classic die-cast jaguar model set includes models of the E-type, MkII, MkVII, XK120 and SS, which are some of the most iconic and beautiful sports cars ever made.

Guitar Wall Clock//P15600

Does your dad rock as much as this clock? Complete with keyhole hook for wall mounting, the wall clock is a cool way to keep track of the time,
and the perfect addition to any man cave!

Chocolate Cheese Selection//P18120

Exclusive to Qwerkity and handmade from the finest Belgian chocolate, this is a cheesy gift with a twist! Whether your dad loves cheese or hates it, this is a quirky gift guaranteed to tease or treat either way.



The Brands That Built Britain Jigsaw Puzzle//P17654

Take a trip back in time with this nostalgic jigsaw//P17654 featuring a store cupboard of iconic brands our grandparents definitely would have used! Taken from the Robert Opie collection and dating back to the first half of the 20th century, the montage of images offers a wonderful historical record of the days before supermarkets.

Chocolate Pocket Watch//P17674

Time is both precious and delicious! Keep him ticking over with this chocolate watch//P17674 that's bound to hit the spot with even the sweetest tooth. Made in England from the purest dark Belgian chocolate, the watch features an authentic bronzed finish that looks too good to eat (well, almost).

Stag Pourer//P17700

Serve wine, whisky and other spirits in traditional style with this versatile bottle stopper. Featuring a majestic stag's head with resplendent antlers sculpted in a weighty zinc alloy, it combines a silicone bung stopper with a hygienic stainless steel pourer.


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Congratulations Are In Order!!-blog202/!-blog202/#comments Wed, 19 Jul 2017 00:00:00 GMT Laura-Anne!-blog202/

Hi Qwerkiteers!

We have some exciting news: after collating all of the catalogue code entries for the past six months,
we have drawn a winner!
The prize draw was made on the 18th July 2017.

Huge congratulations to Margaret Sinclair!
We hope you enjoy your £250 shopping spree on our website.

Thank you to everyone who entered their catalogue code into the prize draw.
Keep an eye out for our next draw in January for your chance to win!


Father's Day Gift Guide Thu, 17 May 2018 00:00:00 GMT Georgia

Father's Day Gift Guide

With the big day fast approaching, thinking of the best Father's Day gifts//CFATHERSD can be a struggle. That’s why we’re here with a range of fun, quirky and helpful items for you to get your dad this year. Whether he likes sports, cooking, gardening, modelling or something else entirely, we have a suggestion for you in our Father’s Day gift guide.

Father's Day Gift Guide

HMS Belfast Construction Set//P19608

If your dad loves his military history and is a keen modeller in his spare time, he’s bound to enjoy piecing together his very own HMS Belfast model. This ship is one of only three surviving bombardment vessels from D-Day and this construction set, from the Imperial War Museum, allows your dad to bring a fascinating piece of history into his own home. To make this Father’s Day extra special, you could also treat him to a visit to the HMS Belfast and Imperial War Museum in London.

Pure Genius Head Chef Cap//P19728

Since summer is well on the way, maybe it’s time to treat any fathers who like to flame grill their meals to this quirky cap? With a hilarious slogan and handy bottle opener in the peak, any dad will love knowing his kids think he’s the barbeque king of his garden. He’ll never barbeque without it again!

St Andrew's Old Course Products

Your dad will be the talk of his golfing group with these brilliant St Andrew’s Old Course items. Protect his eyes and head with the St Andrew's Cap//P19683 , let him enjoy a drink after a round of golf with the St Andrew's Whisky Tumbler and Hip Flask//P19684 and, to finish up his St Andrew’s kit, treat him to the St Andrew's Three-Fold Towel//P19684 .Each of these items comes with the St Andrew’s Old Course logo and they make the perfect presents for golf fans.

Tetraturn Puzzle//P18789

Dads with a knack for solving puzzles will have a real challenge with the Tetraturn puzzle which requires a lot of brain power to complete two tricky challenges. If your dad has always been a word search, sudoku and crossword enthusiast, give him a new puzzle to ponder over this Father’s Day.

Punjabi Curry Kit//P17171

This tasty curry kit from the Scotia Spice Cookery School allows any foodie father to make six different curry dishes (three chicken-based main meals and three side dishes), each for two people. With all the spices, recipes and a tasting guide included, this is the perfect gift for your dad who loves to whip up his very own tasty treats.

'I'm Sure I Speak for Many Others...'//P19514

This compilation, brought together by Colin Shindler, features previously unpublished letters to the BBC across 40 years of their broadcasting history. If your dad is telly-mad, he’ll greatly enjoy flicking through these funny letters and casting his mind back to the shows he used to watch as he comes across letters concerning programmes that were once regularly shown on the small screen.

Leather Rugby Ball Manicure Set//P17488

If your dad’s sport of choice is rugby then we have some fantastic rugby-based items that will make excellent presents. In amongst these, we have the leather rugby ball manicure set which features safety scissors, fine tweezers, and a cuticle and nail multi-tool and two sets of nail clippers, all kept together in a leather kit. If your dad is planning a trip away, this is a great item for him to pack in his suitcase to take all his manicure essentials along with him.

Kent & Stowe Tool Storage Belt//P19673

For a more practical present, this sturdy storage belt from Kent & Stowe is a great gift idea for a keen gardener. This storage belt has eight pockets of different sizes to allow him to carry all the tools he needs when he is sprucing up the garden.

Hedgehog Igloo//P15184

An animal-loving dad will really appreciate this hedgehog igloo. Whether the local hedgehogs need somewhere warm to hibernate in the winter or a safe spot for raising their little hoglets in summer, this igloo is big enough to securely accommodate a family group. So, if your dad loves wildlife and would enjoy encouraging more creatures into his garden then the hedgehog igloo may just be the perfect go-to Father’s Day gift.

We hope you’ve found something that will work for your dad in this list, but, if you haven’t yet, browse through our website to find lots of quirky gifts, handy homeware and brilliant books that might just do the trick. Happy Father’s Day!

Quirky Christmas Gift Ideas for All Your Friends and Family Wed, 07 Nov 2018 00:00:00 GMT Georgia

Quirky Christmas Gift Ideas for All Your Friends and Family

Big and unusual Christmas gifts:

If there’s someone in your life you want to really spoil then check out these three big Christmas presents to find the right thing.

Jive Rock Sixty Jukebox//P20438

This jukebox would be perfectly at home in a 1960s diner if it weren’t for all the handy modern features! With Bluetooth connectivity, a front-loading CD player, a USB port, an SD card slot and a remote control, this jukebox is a must for music and tech fans.

Slushie Maker//P20276

If they love retro style and spending time in the kitchen, this Slushie Maker may well just be the ideal gift. The Slushie Maker itself comes with recipes for iced coffee, cocktails and, of course, classic, tasty slushies.

Sausage Making Kit//P20437

Foodies can make their meals well and truly their own with this Sausage Making Kit. Complete with full instructions and all the items you need to get started, this kit is sure to please all your foodie friends. All they need to do is add their meat of choice and get making!

Stocking fillers//CSTOCKING:

If you’re doing your family members stockings this year, we have plenty of stocking presents to please everyone. We have gadget stocking fillers for the puzzlers and techies in your life as well as some cool stocking fillers for festive fun with the family.

Do You Remember the 1980s?//P20592

Test their memory with this trivia book all about the 1980s.

Knitted Fox Terrier Hand Warmers//P20722

Keep your friends and family warm this winter by gifting them these Knitted Fox Terrier Hand Warmers. Simply click the gel heat packs inside the knitted covers to warm up cold fingers.

Monkey Madness Puzzle//P20423

Challenge a puzzle-loving pal to this tricky task. All you have to do is find a way to slot all the monkeys together into the space provided. It’s a little harder than it looks though so add this gift to one of your family members’ stockings and see who can handle this tricky brain teaser.

Secret Santa Gifts//CSECRETSA

Whether you’re in a Secret Santa at work, at home or in your friend circle, we have Secret Santa ideas for every type of person you might be buying for. We have Secret Santa gift ideas for gamers, sports fans and those who like the odd drink! Although we think these three options are some of the best Secret Santa gifts we have, do take a look at our range for a wider variety of quirky and funny Secret Santa gifts for more inspiration.

Ice Cocktails//P20143

This set of Ice Cocktails are refreshing on a hot day and act as a cheeky treat for any cocktail lover. With five flavours including pina colada, mojito and strawberry daiquiri, these tasty cocktails make excellent Secret Santa presents.

Game Boy Cookie Mug//P20402

If you have a friend or relative who remembers playing with their Game Boy back in the day then this Game Boy Cookie Mug would be a well-received gift. Featuring a screenshot from Super Mario Land, this mug has a fantastic retro feel.

Ice Hockey//P20398

For a truly unusual Secret Santa gift, you can get this tabletop Ice Hockey set which you can add water and freeze to create a real mini ice hockey rink! Fun to play with a friend, this is a gift that both you and your gift’s recipient can enjoy.

Quirky Gifts for Kids//CGIFTKIDS

Take a look at our best Christmas presents for children to find something they’ll be loving all year.

Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap//P20564

All this plant needs is water and sunlight and it’ll be growing and thriving before your very eyes. Venus Fly Traps can be great for keeping the insects that evade your home at bay and look really cool too!

Harry Potter Egg Cup and Toast Cutter Set//P20396

Harry Potter is incredibly popular with adults and children alike and this Harry Potter Egg Cup and Toast Cutter Set can let you bring the magic of the Wizarding World to your young relative’s breakfast table!

Twister Light//P20569

This colour-changing Twister Light would be a fantastic addition to any child or teen’s bedroom.

Unicorn Socks//P20381

If you need an extra stocking filler for your kids or grandkids, these adorable mix and match unicorn socks could be just what you’re looking for. With six individual socks in the pack, you can make 15 equally magical combinations.

Browse our site for more options, including personalised Christmas gifts and funny Secret Santa presents to give you a huge variety of gift ideas suitable for everyone.

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