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Easy Roll Kitchen Roll Holder

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    Easy Roll - Kitchen Roll Holder
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    • Convenient access to your kitchen paper
    • Easy to install and easy to move
    • Keeps your kitchen tidy and clutter-free
    Dispense and store your kitchen paper easily with this convenient under shelf roll holder. It simply slides onto the under shelf of a cupboard or shelf and attaches easily with the rubber grip pads provided, keeping your surfaces clear and your kitchen roll out of the way while still being easy to access.

    Polytherm-coated steel. Rust and dust resistant. 35 x 18 x 10cm.

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    Product Review
    Kitchen roll holder
    Really handy, no fitting required it clips to the bottom of the kitchen wall cupboard with no glue, no nails and no mess. Instantly undoable DIY if necessary! It holds large kitchen rolls and stays put with use. Only comment would be that it makes the cupboard shelf surface irregular which could be a bit annoying depending what you are storing there, I got round this easily by placing spice jars and sauce bottles etc. in a plastic tray. I really like this product and would highly recommend it.
    Reviewed by:
    karen B
    Service Review
    Arrived quickly, no problems.
    Reviewed by:
    karen B
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