Don't Panic!

Published on Friday, 11th November 2016
Are you facing that pre-Christmas gift buying panic yet? Stuck for ideas for some unusual presents? No more room in your dad’s sock drawer? Fear not, Qwerkiteers, we’ll come to your rescue with our Top Ten Christmas Gifts!

Formula One Circuits From Above

This gorgeous coffee table book will move you in to gift giving pole position! Written by leading motor sport expert Bruce Jones and featuring over 350 colour photographs from Google Earth, this is the perfect gift for any Formula One fanatic.


Aegean Tray

Carry drinks in one hand without spilling a drop with the Aegean Tray (exclusive to Qwerkity). Impressive and practical, this tray will be a Godsend at your New Year’s Eve party!


Chocolate Teapot

What is teatime without a little opulence? This full-size Chocolate Teapot is hand-made in the UK from dark Belgian chocolate. Fill with hot water to create an indulgently rich fondue, perfect to dip in everything from strawberries to marshmallows.


Build Your Own Moving Tram

This is a fantastic gift for enquiring minds and engineers. The tram will move along its tracks, and even has a secret compartment for passing along messages. Set one up in your office to collect the tea order!


Chocolate Cheese Selection

It’s un-brie-lievably delicious! Exclusive to Qwerkity, this selection contains 4 pieces of cheese and a bunch of grapes, all made from the finest Belgian chocolate.


Laser Tag Shooting Game

Get the kids (and the grown-ups!) to blow off some steam while waiting for Christmas dinner! The Laser Tag Shooting Game can be played inside and outside, and is sure to keep everyone entertained for hours.


Cricket Ball Cufflink Box with Cufflinks

Go traditional and bowl them over with this gorgeous leather cufflink box. Shaped like a cricket ball and with a funky pair of cricket themed cufflinks, this is a fabulous gift for any cricket fan.


Tropical Rainforest Bath Flowers

Treat her to a gorgeous DIY spa-style experience with these beautiful bath flowers. Infused with essential oils, the petals dissolve to create a relaxing and aromatic bath.


Chilli Hanging Basket

Looking for some hot stuff? This grow-your-own chilli hanging basket is brilliant for anyone who likes things a bit spicy!


Marmite Popcorn

Do you love it or hate it? The iconic controversial spread makes for some gorgeous popcorn! This is an unrivalled taste sensation that even diehard haters will love!


So, stay calm, Qwerkiteers!  We've got your fun and unusual gifts covered.

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