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Crystal Maze Challenge

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    Crystal Maze Challenge
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    • A must for any Crystal Maze fan
    • Play your favourite game at home
    • Over 100 challenges to complete
    Challenge family and friends to compete in The Crystal Maze in your own home.

    A great gift for any fan of the iconic TV show that’s recently been revived on Channel 4, the book is filled with over 100 new games, mind benders and riddles to test skill and mental and physical abilities to the limit.

    Travel through the four iconic zones – Aztec, Industrial, Future and Medieval – trying to win the crystals before heading to The Crystal Dome without leaving teammates locked in the cupboards!

    Includes photographs from the series and a brief history of the show.

    Hardback. 224 pages.

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    Product Review
    Crystal maze mad
    My son has been mad on crystal maze since he was small so he will love this
    Reviewed by:
    Ros Randall
    Service Review
    Very good delivery
    Reviewed by:
    Ros Randall
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