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Clean Sweep Dustpan And Rubber Brush

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Clean Sweep Dust Pan & Rubber Brush
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  • Soft and durable rubber bristles
  • Safe for delicate surfaces
  • Easy storage
Not simply just another dustpan and brush, this set comes with an innovative soft rubber lip edge and bristles to make all aspects of your cleaning routine easy and efficient. Soft rubber bristles are ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces without causing any damage and just perfect for picking up pet hair. The flexible bristles can get into all corners, nooks and crannies and even between the fibres of carpets and rugs for a quick and simple deep clean, while the soft rubber lip edge of the dustpan helps to pick up bits and pieces.

Both the brush head and the dustpan are easy to clean in warm, soapy water and quick to dry too. They clip together for easy storage.
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