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Clean Green Dog Loo

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    Clean Green Dog Loo
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    Bio-Activator Capsules x 15
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    • Dispose of dog waste the natural and safe way
    • Keep your garden more hygienic
    • Helps eliminate odours
    • Suitable for dog and cat waste
    • Sits in the ground
    Dispose of dog waste the natural and safe way with this easy-to-use Clean Green Dog Loo. This clever dog waste disposal unit is barely visible once buried in the ground. It uses Bio-Activator capsules to breaks down dog (or cat) waste, allowing it to be seep away safely into the surrounding soil. Simple to use and install, this handy Dog Loo helps eliminate odours, repel flying insects, can be used all year round and has a twist-lock lid for additional safety.

    Once the Clean Green Dog Loo is set up, empty 2 capsules of Bio-Activator into the unit, and then 1 capsule every week. Instructions included on the packaging. Includes scoop and 6 x 10ml Bio-Activator Capsules.

    Constructed size, 38 x 30.5cm dia.

    Keep stocked up on Bio-Activator Capsules by purchasing an additional packet of 15. Each capsule contains an accurate dose of 10ml active liquid, to break down the dog or cat waste naturally.

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    Doggie Loo
    Working really well. Wished we had got one a long time ago.
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    Margaret Evans
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