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Classic Put Downs

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  • Witty replies and comic remarks for every situation
  • Full of hilarious come-backs
  • A fantastic stocking filler
"Full of tried and tested put-downs, this is the perfect book for anyone who often finds themselves tongue-tied or lost for words in the middle of a battle of the wits! After this fantastically funny read, the only things that will leave you speechless are these hilarious nuggets of wisdom and wisecracks, borrowed from some of history's favourite virtuosos of verbosity!

Learn from the very best, including Mark Twain - ""I didn't attend the funeral but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it"" - and Muhammad Ali - ""I seen George Foreman shadow boxing... And the shadow won!"", plus Oscar Wilde, Samuel Johnson, Woody Allen, Stephen Fry, Winston Churchill, Joan Rivers, Truman Capote, John Lennon, Gore Vidal and Dorothy Parker.

The book is packed to the brim with stinging comments, subtle insults and verbal face slappings for all kinds of situations and contains phrases and classic comic remarks that have stood the test of time. Choose from sections such as Political Brickbats and Elegant Insults to find the perfect put-down for every occasion.

Paperback. 320 pages."
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