Christmas Cheer is just around the corner!

Published on Friday, 11th December 2015

Christmas festivities are well underway! All the last minute Christmas gifts are being wrapped up and hidden away, and all that is left now is arranging the family party. Here is our selection of must-have dinner party essentials:

Liqueur Chocolates

Nothing says after dinner satisfaction like a selection of everyone’s favourite chocolatey treats over coffee. If you are looking to add a bit of boozy fun into the mix, then these delicious Belgian milk chocolates are perfect for any occasion. Created by Master Chocolatier Duc d’O, the selection includes 4 pieces each of Grand Marnier, Rémy Martin, Mandarine Napoléon, Cointreau and Saint James flavoured bites.

Personalised Port

Want to impress the guests at the Christmas table? Why not get a personalised bottle of late vintage Port from renowned shipper, George Sandeman. It’s the perfect drink to finish off Christmas dinner, and will be a hit with any port drinker.

Whisky Wedge

The Whisky Wedge is a must for any connoisseur. This clever tumbler comes with a silicone wedge that divides the glass in half, diagonally. To use, simply fill the lower cavity with water through a spout on the top of the wedge and keep the tumbler in the freezer for a few hours. Once frozen, remove the wedge and enjoy undiluted, perfectly chilled whisky.

Truffle Selection

Made in the heart of the Cotswolds, these finest Italian truffles have been collected in the Sibillini Mountains by trained hunters and their dogs to ensure delicious authenticity. Perfect for pasta, omelettes and more, they make a fantastic gift for any aspiring gourmet chef. 

Italian Cheese Making Kit

Keeping up with the culinary wonder of Italy, impress your dinner guests with a fine selection of Italian cheese, all made by you. The Italian Cheese Making Kit is perfect for beginners. Makes Mozzarella, Mascarpone, Ricotta and more.

Rubis Chocolate Wine

There is no better way to end of a great evening with family and friends than with a nightcap. The irresistible Rubis Chocolate wine is a perfect combination of fortified red wine and rich, velvety dark chocolate. Enjoy it as it is, or as a flavouring base for venison, game or beef dishes.

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