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Camping Accessories & Outdoor Gadgets

Your next adventure will be lots s’more fun with Qwerkity’s great collection of handy camping gadgets and outdoor accessories. With everything from handy helpers to camping equipment, our range of ingenious outdoor gadgets is sure to leave you a happy camper whether you’re off to a music festival or on a peaceful getaway.
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Start fires and light candles with a useful USB-charged tool.
The Mighty Mug
The Mighty Mug
The Mighty Mug uses smart technology to grip hold of a surface as soon as it's bumped, meaning you can't accidentally knock it over. Lift it straight up and it lets go! A great gift for commuters or anyone on the clumsy side.
Men's Tweed Leather Gloves - Blue/Black
Men's Tweed Leather Gloves - Blue/Black
A pair of men's leather and tweed gloves.
BBQ Tool Set
BBQ Tool Set
This BBQ Tool Set includes six essential BBQ items, which have been presented in a portable case.
Rolson Multi-Function Safety Light
Rolson Multi-Function Safety Light
This Multi Function Safety Hammer could be a lifesaver in an emergency.
Cheese Barbeclette
Cheese Barbeclette
A mess-free way to create Raclette-style melted cheese on the barbecue.
Out of stock.
View the stars with one eye whilst identifying them on an illuminated built-in star map with the other.
LED Stick Anywhere Night Light
LED Stick Anywhere Night Light
Out of stock.
Motion sensor light for easy visibility at night.
We have a superb range of camping and festival accessories and cool outdoors gadgets to suit any camping holiday � whether you are going for just a night, or for a week, in the UK or abroad, or with friends or family. Make sure you check out all our ingenious gadgets that will make camping a lot more enjoyable � especially if it is your first time.

If you're off to a music festival, whether it is the Isle of Wight festival, Download, T in the Park or Glastonbury we have a whole range of groovy gear that you won't want to leave behind.

We have a variety of sleeping bags, torches, multi-tools, picnic and cooking items and clothing to choose from.

And if you�re camping in the middle of nowhere with only a bush as a toilet, then our various portable toilet devices will come in handy including the Unisex Uriwell.

If you need inspiration for the music manic teen, man, girl or a Secret Santa idea for a work colleague, then these camping gadgets are your answer.

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