Call Blocker puts an end to nuisance calls

Published on Monday, 10th June 2013
Make unwanted calls a thing of the past with the clever Call Blocker.

Call BlockerNuisance calls and unwanted voicemail messages are becoming an increasing problem for many people. As well as causing frustration and annoyance, these calls can also be intimidating, particularly to the elderly.

Now you can put an end to these nuisance telephone calls with the Call Blocker. This clever device comes pre-programmed with all rogue calling telephone numbers known to the Call Prevention Registry and can block up to 1,000 callers easily at the touch of a button.

The unwanted caller’s number is then logged into the unit’s memory and is blocked permanently, allowing you to get on with your daily routine without worrying about getting cold callers.

Click here to find out more about our Call Blocker and let us know if you suffer from cold callers.

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