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Beer Brut

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Beer Champagne
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  • Beer & Brut in one drink - at last!
  • Fantastic gift for beer lovers
  • Elegant floral and spicy aroma
  • In a lovely Brut bottle
  • 750ml
Beer and Brut have always been the most opposite when it comes to the alcoholic spectrum, but at last these two fine beverages have been combined to create the ultimate sensational drink for all types of alcohol connoisseurs.

This delicious Sparkling Beer was brewed using 100% British malted barley, aged for 100 days within the bottle before being riddled and disgorged using the traditional method. The result of this fantastic brew is a unique thick flavour of elegant floral and spicy aroma, giving way to a luxurious, rich body and effervescent finish.

Presented to look exactly like a Brut bottle, it is sure to create a wow factor. The similarity is uncanny!

For a delicious boozy treat, spoil and surprise someone with this fantastic Beer Brut.

Contains barley gluten.

750ml. 18+

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Product Review
C hampagnebeer
3pcs to presented at Xmas. No doubt they'll be appreciated.
Service Review
The box didn't survive the trip. The bottle did though.
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