BBQ Week! 25-31 May 2015

Published on Wednesday, 27th May 2015
Forget the weather, it's National BBQ Week! Bring round the family and get that fire roaring!

Wine Bottle & Glass Holder

Beautifully designed, this Wine Bottle & Glass Holder can carry a bottle of wine and 4 wine glasses in one go, making it ideal to use for drinks in the garden around a good BBQ.  It is made from metal with a wooden handle that can be dropped down for compact storage.


Perfectly Drinkable Tap Water Bottles

Bring a vintage feel to your BBQ with these beautiful glass water bottles. Store tap or filtered water straight from the fridge in them, ready to hand for guests. These 1 litre bottles have ceramic airtight flip lids. 2 per pack.

BBQ Branding Iron

Lay claim to your steak this National BBQ week! This fun Branding Iron will bring the cowboy out in just about everyone. It comes with 50 letters, 8 blanks and 2 rows of spacing, allowing for endless possibilities on words to sear into burgers.

Meat Cuts Apron

Featuring a striking white butcher’s print on a charcoal background, and a comfortable 85cm long, the stylish Meats Cuts Apron is a perfect gift for any creative cook, meat lover or BBQ champion. 100% cotton.


Chilli Mill

This beautifully designed Chilli Mill will spice up any dish, while the added decorative appearance will bring colour and culinary glamour to your kitchen or BBQ! Thanks to a unique stainless steel blade design, the Chilli Mill cuts dried whole chillies instead of grinding them, in order to release their full flavour and aroma. Use over a pizza or in a meat marinade for that extra bite.


Golf Bag BBQ Set

There are no two better leisure activities than golf and a BBQ – now you can combine them in a single gift, perfect for the golf and BBQ lover. Each tool in this 3 piece, stainless steel BBQ Set has a golf club like grip and slots into a nylon, easy-to-clean Mini Golf Bag for storage.


Light a BBQ in mere seconds with this innovative Swedish patented device. Simply plug this revolutionary gadget into the mains and hold it closely to your wood or charcoal for 20-30 seconds, then pull it away slightly. It will ignite the charcoal in under a minute due to the super-heated concentrated air. Easy to use and simple to clean. No more hassle with lighting your BBQ or fireplace again.


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