Bake Off Breakdown - Batter Week

Published on Tuesday, 20th September 2016
We know we're all in mourning for the future of GBBO, but let's bask in the excellence that remains for the next few weeks. And on that note, it's batter week. Oh my.

Who on earth has ever tried to make uniform Yorkshire puds?! Surely the beauty of them is that they're all over the place and somewhat wonky? Never before have we heard the word 'finesse' linked with yorkies; although 'mind over batter' may now be our favourite phrase, along with 'batter the devil you know'. Oh, Mel and Sue, whatever will we do without you?!

 Our favourite Yorkie Pud: Jane's Meat & Two Veg. Could you beat it? And they look beautiful.

The Technical: Lacey Pancakes. Sure, it's very pretty, but we'd be wondering where the rest of our pancake was...

 Candice - "It's a heart shaped pancake. I’m not sure who would wear it..." We agree, Candice. We’re not sure lace belongs in the context of food!

The winner: Benjamina. She's one of our secret favourites! Seriously pretty pancakes!

The Showstopper: Churros (forever more to be known as Churros Kemp). How on earth are you supposed to make a showstopper out of these? Spanish doughnut origami?

Our winner: It's Benjamina again!

Selasi, we're desperate for you to pull your socks up.

Kate, we've rather enjoyed your company, and we'd much rather you'd stayed than Tepidly Toxic Tom.

Next week is pastry week, and the return of the Soggy Bottom!

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