Awesome Office Gadgets and Accessories

Published on Thursday, 9th July 2015
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Desktop Fan with LED Clock

The Desktop Fan with LED Clock is a great way to both keep cool and look cool in the office. Switch it on and as the blades spin, a bright red and green LED clock will display, complete with hour, minute and second hands. The clock synchronises when not in use, making sure that the correct time is displayed every time you switch the fan on. 

Picture Keeper (Photo Backup)

The Picture Keeper will automatically back-up, save and store your photos in folders on your computer. Pre-programmed with easy-to-use software, the Picture Keeper is available in 8GB or 16GB capacity
and runs on both PCs and Macs.

Dog Paperweight and Pen

This comical pup is a fun and quirky gift for both a pet lover and an avid note writer. It has a baize base and comes with a bullet-shaped stainless steel, black ink pen – a perfect addition to any office desk or work space. 

High Vision Daylight Desk Lamp

The High Vision Daylight Desk Lamp has been specially designed to provide the light equivalent to a clear noon day. The lamp is fully adjustable with a swivel head and the bulb does not produce any heat. Ideal for sewing, reading, painting and many other hobbies.

Reusable File Tabs

Available in a pack of 50, these Reusable File Tabs are designed with convenience and money-saving in mind. Simply write on the tabs with a dry erase pen and change them whenever needed. Their simple clip function allows them to be added to the paper tabs of file dividers, letting you customise your referencing to make for easy filing.

3-in-1 Gadget Pen

The 3-in-1 Gadget Pen is a perfect gift or accessory for any workaholic on the go. A stylish black ballpoint pen, fitted with a sleek stylus that can be used on any touchscreen phone or tablet, and a 2GB flash drive for easy back-ups and data transfer.

The Stapleless Stapler

Do your part for the environment with this Stapleless Stapler. The secret to this enviro-friendly gadget is its special yet simple design, to puncture papers and fold the ‘pierced’ pieces over themselves, leaving a secure stack of papers that hold together without the need for staples.

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