Autumn Essentials Sneak Preview

Published on Monday, 6th August 2012
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Here is a sneak preview of our Autumn essentials collection with over 100 new products to choose from.

Our Autumn essentials catalogues have just been mailed, and should be arriving on doormats this week. We have some fabulous new products to choose from – but if you can’t wait that long, here is a sneak preview of what the catalogue has to offer.Photo, Slide & Negative Scanner for iPhone
We have added over 100 new practical and useful gadgets and accessories for your home, garden, DIY and travel – so there’s plenty to choose from. However, if you’re overwhelmed by choice – have no fear – here are my top 5 favourites (although it was quite a tough decision to make!).
Firstly I think the Photo, Slide & Negative Scanner for iPhone is simply brilliant. Mixing old with new, you can now view all your existing printed photographs, negatives or family slides on your iPhone. It also includes a powerful editing App for converting slides and negatives which you can even share on Facebook – and perhaps embarrass family members or friends with a photo from the past!  
If you’re into cooking, then you will love our new range of ingenious gadgets and accessories for the kitchen. However, I think my favourite new kitchen gadget has to be the Citrus Spritzer. You can literally squirt juice from lemons or limes over salads exactly where you want it, without gettingTraffic Light Timer juice in your eyes! Genius – every kitchen should have one of these.
I also love the Traffic Light Timer. It alerts you to how much time you have left by lighting up from green to yellow and finally turns red when only 1 minute remains and then buzzes when time is up. 
Anyone with children will love our Photo Height Chart. From birth right up until your child reaches 117cm tall you can record their height with photos on this unusual chart, and have a memento of their childhood.
Finally, if you worry about bumping your car when parking in your garage, our Park Smart Parking Mat will make parking simple and safe. It is designed to help guide you into the space, and the ridge lets you know exactly when to stop. Park Smart Parking Mat
Of course there are over 100 more new essential products to choose from online, so make sure you have a look to avoid missing out on something fabulous.
You can also tell us what products you love by using the comments box below– we always enjoy hearing from you.

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