I first began selling unusual, practical and fun Presents for Men from a trestle table at charity fairs some 24 years ago, because it was apparent that people found it difficult to buy presents for the men in their lives.  Since then the business has developed into Gifts for the Girls, Essentials and Travel Paraphernalia and the range of products has increased and diversified enormously. For the benefit of customers, and to make things simpler, our range of products now needs to be more unified.

It all began to fall into place recently while walking near the lake in the Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown designed landscape at Blenheim Palace, not far from our Oxfordshire home. It was a bitterly cold day and plunging my hands into my coat pockets for warmth I found a smooth, round black pebble which I had picked up the weekend before on a beach in Northumberland. For the fun of it, I threw the pebble into the lake, breaking the perfect stillness with a loud plop and sending concentric ripples out into the huge expanse of still water. 

The pebble had come from Northumberland;  ‘Capability’ Brown, who ingeniously recognised the possibilities of enhancing the landscape, also came from Northumberland;  and my maiden name was Brown.  Like the ripples stretching out into the water my business, from its small beginnings, had grown to reach many  thousands of valued customers who recognised the products offered had capabilities, being either unusual, practical or fun – and possibly all three.  It struck me that Capability’s is an appropriate name that encapsulates everything we do.

Our first product to carry the Capability’s logo is based on that simple pebble and evokes much of what we stand for - Capability’s Cablepod can be found on page 3.  At first sight you may not be sure what it is.  It is squashy and soft, then you open it up to reveal a gadget that is of utmost practicality;  it is also unusual, tactile and fun.

Like the pebble in the lake, the ripples it sends out will grow and grow, so keep an eye on the Capability’s website as it evolves over the coming months.

In the meantime, have fun!

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