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Aqua Brush

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    Aqua Brush
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    • Multi-purpose cleaning brush
    • Holds water and detergent
    • Double-action bristles
    • Includes a microfibre cloth
    Remove mud, dirt and sand from carpets, bikes, dogs' paws, trainers, walking boots and more with the multi-purpose Aqua Brush. Fill the handle with water and detergent (if you like), pull the head upwards to open the valve, and brush away the dirt with the clever double-action bristles. When using the brush upside down, keep the head open by holding it in place with your fingers if you require constant water flow. Ideal to keep in the car for muddy walks.

    Microfibre cloth included.

    Colour may vary.

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    A nice idea but flawed design
    As a keen walker I thought this product was a great idea, however it doesn't work very well in practice. The major flaw in the design is that to open the valve you pull on the top/brush. The problem comes when you try to brush the mud off the boot. The downward pressure on the brush closes the valve again stopping the water flow. In addition I found that it wasn't very efficient in cleaning the mud off the boot often just thinning and smearing the mud across the leather upper.
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    Jeffrey Warlock
    We're sorry that you are disappointed with your purchase. Customer services have been in contact with you to arrange a refund. Kind regards, Daria   Qwerkity
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