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Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses

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    • Change the strength to suit you
    • For near vision and reading
    • From +0.00 to +2.75
    • Comes in compact hard case
    If you find yourself carrying around several pairs of glasses because you need different strengths for reading, using a computer or shopping, these Glasses are the ideal solution. Simply turn the dials to change the lens power from +0.00 up to +2.75.

    Each lens is comprised of two wave-shaped polycarbonate plates that are able to glide across one another to alter the strength. Each lens can be adjusted to suit your vision when you think it is necessary, all at the turn of a dial.

    Comfortable and easy to use, they come in a hard case.


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    Product Review
    A bit flimsy, but they do work!
    I bought these because I had a cataract operation and I needed something to equalise my vision, particularly for reading. Because of the diversity of vision I now have, these glasses have to work hard but I've found that, generally, they are pretty good.
    Reviewed by:
    Thomas Ball
    Service Review
    Items arrived promptly, well packaged.
    Reviewed by:
    Thomas Ball
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