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A Sackful Of Limericks

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    A Sackful Of Limericks
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    • A collection of clever and entertaining limericks
    • Authored by Michael Palin
    • Hilariously illustrated by Tony Ross
    Have you ever wondered what happened to the young fellow from Malta who brought his grandfather an alter? How about the camper called Jack who found a huge snack in his pack? And there's also an eccentric landowner called Grey that spent Christmas in a very strange way...

    All written by the ever-popular and intrepid Michael Palin, this Sackful of Limericks will give you further information – and hilarious answers – for all these questions. Illustrated by Tony Ross, this is a laugh-out-loud collection of limericks that are wondrously witty and fabulously festive.

    Hardback. 96 page.
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