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3D Wooden Puzzle - Football

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    3D Wooden Puzzle - Football
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    • A great gift for footballers
    • Hand-crafted wooden pieces
    • A puzzle and ornament in one
    • Looks great on display on a desk
    • Includes instructions
    • Gift boxed
    "Set the goal posts high by trying to do this challenging 3D Puzzle as quickly as you can. Set the timer and battle against your mates to see who's the champion.

    Beautifully hand-crafted in wood, the 15-piece puzzle comes with a wooden plinth so that you can display it on a desk when complete.

    13cm high.

    For ages 6 years and over.

    ~ Cricket//P16665~, ~ Rugby//P16666~ and ~Golf//P16664~ 3D Wooden Puzzles also available."

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    Wooden jigsaw football
    The quality is good and once made up look great . I have bought the rugby ball and cricket ones too
    Reviewed by:
    Mildred Crowe
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