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2-in-1 Mini Mist Fan

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    2-in-1 Mini Mist Fan
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    • Powerful Fan and cooling mister
    • Perfect for summertime
    • Stay cool in your office or at home
    • Angle is adjustable
    • Easy to use
    Keep cool and feel refreshed with our powerful, portable 2-in-1 Fan. Fill the reservoir with water to produce a fine cooling mist, humidifying the air. Lightweight and portable, simply sit the Fan by your desk, chair or bed and angle the head to give you welcome relief from the heat.

    Ideal when travelling or suffering from night sweats or hot flushes.

    The Misting Fan is charged by the USB cable supplied. The Fan needs to be fully charged before use.

    12 x 12 x 9cm.

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    Product Review
    Very good
    Compact and easy to use. The instructions are almost in English. I think I'll try it with some Brut or possibly Macallan.
    Service Review
    Fast and efficient.
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