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15 Quirky Christmas Gift ideas for the Quirky people in your life

Published on Thursday, 4th December 2014
If you’re on the lookout for the quirkiest and most unusual gifts for your friends and family, we've got 15 great suggestions for you – perfect for when ordinary just won’t do!

The Indoor Allotment
If conventional plants aren’t for you, you can grow a stunning herb display with our Indoor Allotment.The perfect way to make a statement display without a garden to mow – for those who prefer something a little more modern than a floral display!

Wonderful wine
Day-dreaming of a glass of wine at the end of the day – a favourite pastime of many people we know! If you know someone who always asks for a large glass when ordering their wine, our Wine Bottle Glass is the perfect present for them!

Less than subtle statement
This not-so-subtle message is bound to bring a smile or cause a raised eyebrow among those around you, or a laugh to the one you choose to present it to! Our Ick Mug is for anyone who wants to make a statement as they sip their cup of tea.

For half pints
The Half Pint Glass is the perfect gift to torment any lightweight friend who loves his beer, just not very much of it! Our Half Pint Glass Looks like an ordinary glass face on but if you turn it, you’ll see it has been cut precisely in half.

Head in the clouds
If you know someone who loves their computer but whose physical world needs some storage, we’ve the perfect play-on-words gift for you. Our Cloud Storage is the perfect desk accessory for any computer whizz, but also makes an ironic tidy hole for someone who’d rather stay away from the web!

The magic of Christmas
Let them know the magic of Christmas is here with our Coca-Cola Lorry! It’s an unusual gift that will appeal to so many people, as it’s symbolic of Christmas finally on its way! An iconic 1:76 scale die cast model – the perfect Christmas keepsake.

Zombie in the Garden
Shake up the traditional, no-nonsense gnomes in a friend’s garden with our Zombie Gnome; an unconventional garden addition bound to be a quirky gardener’s pride and joy!

Terrific Taches
Stiff Upper Lip is a wonderfully quirky game for anyone aged 8 or over. If you’re missing Movember, this is the memento for you! Wearing your moustache, just guess the celebrity you have been assigned – a hilarious game for Christmas day family fun!

Man’s Best Friend
Our Luxury 'Dog Hoggers' Pillow Cases are perfect for anyone who knows what it’s like to find they’re sharing the majority of their bed with the dog! Me & the Dog, and Me, You and the Dog available, dependent on just how overcrowded your bed happens to be!

Fast-food love
Perfect for teens who can’t get enough fast-food! Our Burger Cushion and Fries Cushion are quirky decorations to brighten up a room and give it an unusual edge! Buy both and save £2 with our Star Buy Offer.

Selfie time
Our Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick will help you take the perfect selfie! Great for events such as weddings, it gives you the ability to get the perfect angle on a self-portrait or group photo and extra reach to get everyone in the shot.

In the mood for dancing
Look dashing in our Dancing Reindeer Ears! They’re great for bopping along to Christmas tunes and will cheer up any conversation as they move to any sound. Dancing Rabbit Ears also available.

Crafty and Cute
Our Crafty Cat Moneybox is certainly unusual and adorably cute. Place your coin on the top of the money box and watch as the kitten peeks out of the top and swipes it inside the box! Watch the video for the full effect.

Christmas Socks
An old favourite – the obligatory Christmas socks – with a difference! Our Sock Exchange Weekend Socks feature bold designs for those who allow their feet to rebel once they’ve stepped away from the office! An instant way to brighten any outfit and turn it from the conventional to the quirky.

Suit with a Difference
Our Worn to be Wild Testival Suit is a firm favourite andbound to be a winner this Christmas. Taking its inspiration from the BBC’s colour test card introduced in the 1960s, the Testival Suit is sure to turn heads at every occasion!

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