10 Ideas to Keep Your Children Entertained Over the Bank Holidays

Published on Thursday, 24th April 2014
Come rain or shine, we have a great set of ideas for how to keep your kids entertained over the upcoming Bank Holidays!

From creative gifts designed to inspire, to practical build-it projects and outdoor activities, we’ve got it covered. With kid’s games as well as activities suitable for the whole family, there’ll be no more wondering how to bring the family together!

Indoor Fun

1. Spiro Art in a Tin

Our Spiro Art in a Tin is perfect for boys and girls alike. Children will be amazed by the beautifully intricate patterns they can design, allowing them to make the most of their creativity and embrace their natural artistic talents. Our Spiro Art set comes in a special Tin so bits and bobs won’t make a mess or get lost!

2. Friendship Bracelet Maker

One of the best things about our school days is the chance to make friendships that grow and may last a lifetime, and time off school can be the perfect opportunity to build these relationships with peers outside the classroom. Encourage your children to celebrate these friendships with our Friendship Bracelet Maker, and make some unique, hand-made gifts with personal meaning.

3. Build your own V8 engine

Older children can often be trickier to entertain, but what better way to spend some time bonding than by building your own V8 Engine? Get their minds working with this perfect holiday gift for parents, teenagers and children above the age of 10.

4. Horse-Opoly

This classic family game with a twist is the perfect gift for a whole family of horse lovers! This game is a great way to get everyone practising their maths, showing off their bargaining skills and learning about new horse breeds.

5. Da Vinci Catapult

What better way to get your children’s minds working than by helping them to understand the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci? The best part about it is that you’re building a catapult – there aren’t many children out there who’ll say no to that! This set creates a model based on Da Vinci’s original design, and contains soft clay balls to fire once the catapult is complete.


Get Outdoors

1. Mystical Fire Magic Colour Changing Flames

Bring a little magic to your garden party with our Mystical Fire Magic Colour Changing Flames. They’ll brighten any crisp Spring evening with family and friends, creating a real bonfire with a difference! At £1.99 per pack it’s an inexpensive treat that no-one will be expecting.

2. Portable Tennis Net

Get ready for Wimbledon with our Portable Tennis Net! A great way to have fun keeping fit as a family, the Portable Tennis Net can be taken to the beach or park, or set up in your own garden. For those sporting addicts who prefer a game of Badminton, this option is also available.

3. Duel Combat Gladiator Game

Our Duel Combat Gladiator Game is bound to be a hit! A great way to let your children’s energy out and allow siblings to fight it out the fun way!

4. Stealth Archery Set

Our Stealth Archery Set is perfect for families with teenagers and adult children who want to get outdoors and learn a more grown-up skill together. It’s also a great gift for anyone who is avidly awaiting the final film in the Hunger Games trilogy and aspires to be the next Katniss Everdeen!

5. Full Size Croquet Set

Our Croquet Set will provide hours of fun for the whole family. A classic game, it is perfect for days on the beach, in the garden or at your local park. Family games are often perfect for getting the Spring excitement going as competitive team spirits rise – get grandparents, parents and children involved and create your own tournament!


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