10 Brilliant Christmas Presents for Boyfriends

Published on Monday, 11th November 2013
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Looking for Christmas present inspiration for your boyfriend? We've got a great selection of gifts to suit all manner of males. Shop gifts for boyfriends now!

Step away from the slippers; he’s your boyfriend not your granddad!

Take a look at our awesome selection of gift ideas that will score big boyfriend points.

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Here are our top 10 (well, a bit more than ten, because we’re so thoughtful):

Idea 1: Perfect collection for a lazy day

funniest YouTube videos

For boyfriends who like to chill to the max. We’ve got their perfect lazy day sorted:
  1. Marmite chocolate – surprisingly tasty!
  2. Duff Beer - a refreshing alcoholic drink from his favourite cartoon
  3. The most Amazing YouTube Videos Ever – a collection of 150 clips of the funniest and coolest clips from YouTube.

Idea 2 Help for Heroes boxers

Are you sick of your boyfriend never having enough pairs of undies? Now you can subtly improve upon his undergarments – and for a good cause too!

In support of Help the Heroes, your man can look like a hero too in these stylish cotton boxers.

Available in a range of sizes, these are great for men who prefer fitted smalls.
Choose from two styles of camouflage and a pack of three in black with coloured waistband trim.

Idea 3 “How to Parachute into a Moving Car” Top Gear book


This comically named survival guide provides the modern man with instructions to solve everyday situations – with the logic of Top Gear, obviously.

This is a must for any Top Gear fan. Find it here

Idea 4 Star Wars origami

Evoke the power of the Jedi to craft these iconic Star Wars characters, weapons and machines from paper. With 36 models to create, you might not see your boyfriend for a while. Find it here

Idea 5 Build your own Robot Arm

If your partner despises the arduous task of picking things up within close range, this mechanical robot arm is just what he needs. But he’ll have to build it first!

Replete with instructions and 5 switch controller, the arm can rotate, move at the elbow and wrist and grip things - ideal for passing him a beer. Find it here

Idea 6 Worn to be Wild Suits

If your boyfriend loves quirky style, these three piece suits are real statement pieces.

Check out the Mr Jack Suit, showcasing an entire poker set pattern, and the Testival Suit, displaying the BBC’s iconic colour test card from the 1960s. Available in a range of sizes, each suit comprises suit jacket, trousers and a matching tie.

Idea 7: Mighty Boom Ball Speaker

If your fella can never be without music, this portable ball transforms almost any surface into a speaker. Bottles, cans, tables and pretty much anything you can think of will amplify music once it comes into contact with this little gizmo. All it requires is an MP3 or iPhone connection. Find it here

Idea 8: Bicycle indicators


As the darker nights set in, cycling enthusiasts can ensure their safety with this fun bike indicator. Click the left or right button on the handlebar controller and LED arrows will illuminate left and right on the back monitor.

They’re easily attached to bikes of all sizes and are fully waterproof. Find it here

Idea 9: Playboy’s Greatest Covers

Playboy Magazine Covers 

Chosen by the original play dude, Hugh Hefner, this hardback book includes the most iconic images to grace the cover of Playboy Magazine.  There’s also a foreword from Playboy veteran herself, Pamela Anderson.

Give your boyfriend the gift of pretty ladies this Christmas. Major boyfriend points with this! Find it here

Idea 10: Sneaker Slippers

slipper sneakers

As a stylish alternative to the Christmas gift cliché, these slipper sneakers look just like his favourite battered pair of trainers. Available in two colours and in a range of sizes, they should cover an unsightly pair of holey socks perfectly! Find them here

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