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Windows 10 for the Older Generation

  • £9.99
  • Ref. 10538W10

  • Covers computers, laptops and tablets
  • For new and upgraded devices
  • Colour photos and screen shots throughout
  • Easy to follow jargon-free language
  • Perfect for anyone new to computers

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Windows 10 for the Older Generation (Code 10538/W10)
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Why us?
Keep your Windows computer, laptop and any other device right up to date by installing and using their latest operating system. Windows 10 For The Older Generation is written specifically for the over 50s, but is just as useful for anyone who is not confident with today’s modern technology.

Written in easy-to-understand jargon-free language, the book deals with every aspect of Windows 10. It starts with an overview of previous systems, then shows the reader how to get the latest version, checking if your computer can run it or needing to buy a new computer if not. It then moves on to installing it, downloading and installing Apps, personalising your desktop, launching and using Cortana and Microsoft Edge, getting and using Office 365 and so much more.

Paperback. 177 pages. 20cm high.

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Windows 10 for older people
Good book for helping older people
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michael summerson
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