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Unshrink It

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    • Returns clothing to desired size
    • Effective on all wool types
    • Works in just 30 minutes
    Rescue your beloved shrunken wool jumpers and clothing with our invaluable unshrinking solution. This ingenious formula relaxes wool fibres for gentle and effective stretching.

    Easy to use, with astounding results, it works by interacting with the proteins in wool and loosens the bonds in order to allow you to straighten out the fibres again. Soak the wool in the mixture for at least 30 minutes with up to four garments.

    Suitable for cashmere, wool and wool blends.


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    Unshrink it
    This product did not do as it described. My slightly shrunken cashmere and merino sweater did not improve in fact a few holes appeared in the sweater. I could have saved myself the money and put it towards a new sweater!
    Reviewed by:
    Jan Wright
    Hello, apologies that this product has not worked as you hoped. I have passed on this feedback to our customer services team and they will be in touch with you soon. Kind regards, Robyn.   Qwerkity
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